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Israel- Crime against humanity.?

The israelis belong to the judaism faith- A religion of hyprocrisy, terrorism, and hate, therefore you can expect no better from them. What the jews are doing to the Palestinians, is really no different to what the christians did to the Bosnian Muslims, so christians as yourself are no better.

One could argue the world is also fed up with Christian warmongers!!

Whatever you argue you cant deny that Christians are in full support to jews when they murder innocent Muslims

EDIT: “Islam spread by the sword”?? Making up myths is not getting your point across. You need a better argument. Here’s the research you asked for; “History makes it clear, however, that the legend of fanatical Muslims sweeping through the world and forcing Islam at the point of the sword upon conquered races is one of the most l and encouraging of hatefantastically absurd myths that historians have ever accepted.” (Islam at the Crossroads, London, 1923, p. 8.) Historian De Lacy O’Leary, (Non- Muslim Trust me even if i forced you, you still wouldnt qoute the Quran, hence it would only contradict your retarded arguement. “There is no compulsion in religion” (2:256) , thus no one can be forced to become a Muslim!! “directs you kill innocent people” [Chapter 5, verse 32] “anyone who saves one life, it is as if he has saved the whole of mankind and anyone who has killed another person it is as if he has killed the whole of mankind”… Did u read the Quran, or did your eyes just overlook these Noble verses? In many places where there are Muslims now, in the Far East like Indonesia, in China, and many parts of Africa, there are no records of any Muslim armies going there. In India, where Muslims ruled for 700 years, they are still a minority. In the U.S Islam is the fastest growing religion and has 6 million followers without any sword around.

EDIT: Mate, you have taken those verses out of context. What are the verses before and after? When were they revealed? Some ayats of the Qur’an were revealed when Muslims faced heavy prosecution, and were forced to defend themselves agianst the Pagans. There is a verse in the new testament from Mathew, and it says that Jesus(pbuh) came down with a sword, and that he was sent to create rifts between family, instead of peace. That doesn’t sound to peaceful to me. I am not an expert on the Qur’an, so i cant really provide an explanation on those verses, however there are loads of Muslim forums, where other Muslims will only be to willing to explain them. Creating dialogue between Muslim and Christians is essential for an open-minded society. The new testament is NOT the words of God!! It is the words of men. Will God’s word contain contradictions? Why did God create a new testament? Is not our Lord Omnipotent?

The crusaders inspired by the Bible slaughtered every Muslim, from the infant to the woman. Your president said that God told him to invade Iraq and Afghanistan, responsible for the death of millions of innocents. Serbs in the name of Christianity commited horrenderous crimes agianst the Bosnians. So what gives you right to talk about jews and their ‘lack of compassion’, when Christians currently occuppy Muslim lands, killing innocents? What gives Christians the right to insult our beloved prophet Muhammad(pbuh) when we Muslims would never attempt to lay any false charges on Jesus(pbuh)? Most Muslim migrants come from a war-torn country either plundered by a Christian or jew, the least you could do is help them to get started. Some of my best friends in Jordan were Unitarian Christians, my neighbours were Christians, and Churches stood beside Mosques, and yet despite ppl’s efforts to create civil strife, we all lived in harmony with one another. I can guarantee you that if a war was ever waged agianst us they will be in the front alongside Muslims fighting our enemies, because Christian and Muslim Arabs, we are brothers in arms. Iraqi Christians were offered to take refuge in the west before the war started, but they refused. You treat Muslims as an enemy, when really you ppl should thank us, as without Muslims, Europeans will still be wallowing in their own excrement, and we wouldnt be having this conversation, because we wouldnt have computers (which run on algebraic equations, a Muslim innovation).

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Israel- Crime against humanity.?

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Compensation for British colonial crimes:


by Shenali Waduge

President Mahinda Rajapaksa took over as Chairperson-in-Office of the Commonwealth of Nations at the 2013 CHOGM held in Colombo last November.

He presides over 53 nations with an estimated population of 2.245 billion covering a landmass of more than 29,958,050 square kilometres (11,566,870 square miles) a third of the world population.

There are some pertinent questions that the Chair of the Commonwealth of Nations may like to consider answering:

* What can the Chair of the CHOGM do about British Prime Ministers calling for international investigations against sovereign countries when Britain continues to dodge apologising or compensating for its war crimes and genocide committed in the nations it invaded and occupied for several centuries?

* What type of shared culture and heritage is the Commonwealth actually promoting when the British imperial policy during colonial rule was to completely destroy and annihilate the indigenous culture and heritage and the rationale for the introduction of English education was to create a class of people who in the words of Lord Macaulay, contained in his Minutes on Education may be interpreters between us and the millions whom we govern; a class of persons, Indian in blood and colour, but English in taste, in opinions, in morals, and in intellect.

In other words, a class of craven natives submissive at all times to the British Raj, lacking national pride and patriotism, and sense of self worth and eternally dreaming of being accepted by the white man.

How many sovereign nations desire to continue as clones of Great Britains white supremacist ideology?

* As Chair, what is the assurance of racial equality by Britain towards fellow Commonwealth nations when the UN special envoy has herself declared Britain as being ruled by sexist culture?

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Compensation for British colonial crimes:

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NATO, the multiple-choice alliance

As NATO militaries hand over their responsibilities to Afghanistans fledgling security forces and head for home, let the evaluation of the alliances performance begin no matter how disappointing the conclusions might be.

Immediately after the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, the United States invoked Article 5 of the North Atlantic Treaty Organizations charter, which obliges member countries to come to the aid of those under attack. This was the first time in NATO history that Article 5 was in the spotlight, and, unfortunately, the holes in its interpretation were large enough to drive a truck through. None of the framers of Article 5 indicated how much military assistance each member country was expected to contribute. In other words, NATO was really a closet multiple-choice alliance where each member country could pick and choose not only how much it would contribute, but how much it would actually do after arriving in theatre.

As it approached the 50th anniversary of its 1949 creation, NATO found itself with no obvious military role. The collapse of the Soviet Union had eliminated its sole enemy and primary reason for existence. The hype and outright propaganda surrounding the deteriorating situation in Kosovo in early 1999 provided the alliance with a questionable mission, at best. Serbia had been heavy-handed with Kosovos Albanian majority for years, but deadly force was not employed. Then, the Kosovo Liberation Army began ambushing and killing Serbian security forces throughout Kosovo. The Serbs reacted and the fighting intensified.

Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevics reputation in most NATO countries was already at rock-bottom after the war in Bosnia, and the alliance had now found a role. Absent a United Nations resolution, it bombed a sovereign country not just Serbian military targets, but civilian infrastructure.

Most alliance member countries participated in the bombing campaign, even if some disagreed with the mission. What was not realized at the time was how the degree of risk, despite being virtually non-existent to alliance forces in an air campaign, would play a role in determining which countries would participate and what they would be prepared to undertake in Kosovo, and then in future NATO missions.

The aversion to risk raised its head again as the Afghan mission unfolded. The U.S. mission, Operation Enduring Freedom, laid the ground for the subsequent NATO mission. In late 2005, when Kandahar looked like it would fall to the Taliban, NATO decided that Dutch, British and Canadian combat units would move south to Kandahar under the alliances command. The Canadians moved south on schedule and defeated formed Taliban units. The others were delayed for months as their governments debated. NATOs command of the operation was also postponed and the Canadians operated under U.S. operational control as part of Enduring Freedom.

It had become obvious that while safe air campaigns were one thing, many countries were not prepared to contribute forces for high-risk ground combat. Meanwhile, a number of countries who sent troops to the Afghan theatre insisted on caveats that might have been humorous if the consequences hadnt been so serious: We wont patrol at night and We will only shoot if shot at first and We wont go outside the wire, for example.

The 2011 air campaign in Libya reinforced the theory that risk is the key deciding factor in which countries will show up when NATO calls. Bombing Moammar Gadhafis forces was extremely low risk, and there was no shortage of alliance volunteers.

Despite the steady erosion of NATO combat capabilities since the end of the Cold War, the alliance continued to grow by moving east and welcoming former Soviet satellite countries, such as Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Romania. Pushing right up to the Russian border and bestowing membership on the likes of Estonia and Latvia was extremely unwise, because the alliance no longer has the capability to rush to the rescue with military force in the event a member is threatened. All the Wests rhetoric about Ukraine is meaningless, because Russia knows NATO is incapable of taking on any high-risk intervention anywhere.

In the aftermath of NATOs failures in Afghanistan, there is the possibility of a three-tier alliance emerging once the post-mission evaluation is completed:

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NATO, the multiple-choice alliance

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Painting love over hate on vandalized Workmens Circle mural

The Arabic word Salaam and its Hebrew and English equivalents, Shalom and Peace, were added to a vandalized mural in the Pico-Robertson neighborhood. Photo by Ryan Torok

An organization that fosters Jewish identity has attempted to turn a recent act of vandalism into an opportunity for bridge-building between Jews and Muslims.

Last weekend, the SoCal Arbeter Ring/Workmens Circle added the Arabic word Salaam and its Hebrew and English equivalents, Shalom and Peace, to a vandalized mural that covers its home in the Pico-Robertson neighborhood.

The organizations addition to its 1998 mural is a response to incidents that took place on Feb. 6. Thats when vandals spray-painted the words Free Palestine!!!! onto the mural. Hours later, another set of vandals responded, in turn, by turning the word Free into an expletive.

The graffiti remained until its recent removal by the City of Los Angeles Board of Public Works Office. An ongoing investigation by police has not identified any suspects.

[Related:Graffiti at Workmens Circle]

In the wake of the incidents, Workmens Circle denounced the vandals in a public statement. Its district committee voted to make the addition to the mural out of the belief that the best way to respond to acts of hate is with compassion.

Eric Gordon, a district committee member, said, It often does take an extreme act, a catastrophe, an accident, to awaken you to needs you didnt think you had before. What are we going to do? Respond to an act of hate by saying F— Palestine on the mural? So, were trying to be responsive.

We agree with Free Palestine. Its not the best way to express it. We are sorry and angry that they chose that way to express it, but they do have a point, he said.

The wall-sized mural itself titled A shenere un besere velt (a Yiddish phrase meaning A more beautiful and better world) depicts cultural, biblical and historical imagery. The imagery includes a menorah, Israelites wandering in the desert, a young girl waving Israeli and American flags, and more.

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Painting love over hate on vandalized Workmens Circle mural

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‘Our freedom is incomplete without the freedom of the Palestinians’ – Video

'Our freedom is incomplete without the freedom of the Palestinians'
For more on this and other stories please visit http://www.enca.com/ During Israeli Apartheid Week the focus has again fallen on the words spoken by Nelson M…

By: eNCAnews

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‘Our freedom is incomplete without the freedom of the Palestinians’ – Video

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2014 NBA Playoff Odds: Latest Team Predictions for Season's Stretch Run

Use your (arrow) keys to browse the slideshow Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images Anyone claiming the NBA season is too long should take a good, hard look at the standings for both the Eastern and Western Conferences. If, as some say, the 82-game slog is fraught with too many meaningless contests and ho-hum stretches of uninspired play, how is it that we’ve reached the season’s final month with so much still undecided? Other than a handful of teams that already know their official playoff fates (the Miami Heat are in; the Los Angeles Lakers are out), most clubs’ postseason positioning is still very much up in the air.

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2014 NBA Playoff Odds: Latest Team Predictions for Season's Stretch Run

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How liberal is Portland?

This ain’t ‘Portlandia’ but it sure feels like it, according to a survey highlighting the Rose City’s very lefty political leanings

Everyone knows Portland is more liberal than the rest of the region and the state. People joke that a Republican can’t be elected dog catcher in Portland, and that business support is the kiss of death for any politician in the city.

Conventional wisdom holds that the only conservatives live in far east Portland, and they are vastly outnumbered by everybody else in town.

Guess what? It’s not a myth.

A major statewide poll conducted last year, the 2013 Oregon Values & Beliefs Survey, shows that most Portlanders are vastly more liberal than people living in the rest of the tri-county region and Oregon. Differences are dramatic on issues ranging from the economy to the environment and the proper size and role of government.

Turns out IFCs Portlandia TV series is more documentary than comedy.

Results from the 2013 Oregon Values & Beliefs Survey have been presented publicly before, including at a Portland City Council work session. But the Portland Tribune asked the Davis Hibbitts & Midghall Research firm to run the numbers again, this time separating Portland from the rest of the region and the state. Those results show just how large the gap has grown between Portland and its suburbs, as well as the rest of the state.

An obvious example from the poll: far more Portlanders describe themselves as liberals on both social and economic issues.

According to the poll, a statistically astonishing 43 percent of city residents consider themselves to be very liberal on social issues, compared to just 11 percent of the rest of the region and 13 percent of the rest of the state. Another 31 percent of Portlanders consider themselves to be somewhat liberal on social issues, compared with 24 percent of the rest of the region and 23 percent of the rest of the state.

In other words, a substantial majority of Portlanders 74 percent consider themselves to be liberal on social issues, compared with 35 percent of the rest of the region and 36 percent of the rest of the state.

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How liberal is Portland?

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Graffiti at Workmens Circle

This past Sunday afternoon, I pulled up behind the Workmen’s Circle/Arbeter Ring building and viewed its now twice-graffitied mural, then went inside to discuss the past and future of secular, progressive Jewish culture. For the past two years, my cohort of the Secular Yeshiva a bi-monthly study group examining Jewish culture and history from a non-religious, politically progressive perspective has met here, on the other side of the mural.

Many of us are teachers at the Sholem Community, whose Sunday school introduces children to Jewish history from a non-religious perspective and invites them to participate in and create new cultural holiday observances. They learn the history of labor, immigrant rights and civil rights movements, and gather to sing in Yiddish, Hebrew and English about peace and social justice.

Many in the community have pointed out the irony of the original graffiti writers’ choice of canvas: of all the Jewish organizations they could have chosen, they picked the one most likely to have had the words Free Palestine! spoken within its walls. Two years ago I attended an event held in the Workmen’s Circle building organized by Jewish Voice for Peace, a safe space to discuss the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement no matter your political position. The Workmen’s Circle itself has promoted a two-state solution.

Others have expressed anxiety that it was just this sort of rare open dialogue that set the stage for the defacing of the historic mural. Was it a coincidence that this incident came the week after Scarlett Johanssen’s Superbowl ad for Sodastream was targeted by the BDS movement, bringing that campaign some of its highest-profile publicity? Only a few weeks after Swarthmore Hillel declared that it would no longer abide by Hillel International’s policy of not allowing speakers critical of Zionism and Israel’s actions? Was it an inevitable result of the steady growth of movements which include many Jews questioning whether a state can be both Jewish and democratic?

The timing seems to indicate that we’ve reached some kind of tipping point, at least here in Los Angeles. But I see this incident as the legacy of another, deeply entrenched, pattern in the American Jewish community. The graffiti literally erased symbols of the rich history of the pursuit of justice and liberation by Eastern Europe’s Yiddish-speaking civilization. Those of us raised with all the privileges of third-, fourth- and fifth-generation white Americans too easily forget that this pursuit was in their economic and social interests and is in ours, too. The history written over last Thursday with silver and black spray paint is a history that has been figuratively erased by American Jewish educational institutions for at least the past four decades. My own childhood quest to learn what happened to the Jews between the destruction of the second temple and the rise of Theodor Herzl, unsatisfied anywhere else, led me to the Workmen’s Circle, to Sholem, and to other organizations promoting the legacy and continuation of Yiddish culture.

I find it difficult to believe that this blank spot in the standard Jewish historical narrative is an accidental oversight. A community still traumatized by the horrors of WWII, seeking redemption in our nationalist triumph, has let the history of Yiddish Eastern Europe gather dust on the shelves of the library hidden in the back room behind the mural. Those of us who seek touchpoints of contemporary Jewish identity are left to grapple with Israel – as safe democratic refuge or undemocratic colonial oppressor.

Is it any wonder that on a side street off of Robertson Boulevard, a colorful celebration of cultural heritage has been reduced to a terse three-word debate?

I wonder if the authors of those very short political commentaries were more savvy than many have taken them for: is it that they didn’t know how progressive the Workmen’s Circle is? Or did they know that, of all of the buildings housing Jewish community organizations in Los Angeles, this was the one that would respond with an offer of dialogue? Did they know that this organization with its aging, dwindling membership but powerful legacy of the Yiddish Bund and its historic insistence on doikayt, hereness, addressing the Jewish question in Eastern Europe instead of faraway Palestine was the one most likely to open wide the debate? Did they see this as the only way of asking this community to ask some extremely difficult questions – questions that will open old wounds and expose vulnerabilities?

Just as the mural, coated with an anti-graffiti agent, will be restored, so too can we restore a connection to our cultural heritage but not merely by preserving relics of the past.

Reading the Yiddish stories of Mendele and singing the lyrics of the Yiddish sweatshop poets will liberate no one from checkpoints, home demolitions, humiliation and ongoing violence – or from fear, isolation, a sense of embattlement and re-triggering of the traumas of the rising tide of anti-Semitism that swept 1930s Europe.

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Graffiti at Workmens Circle

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No One Really Won In NATO 3 Trial: Chicagoist

Friday’s ruling in the NATO 3 trial was a mixed bag for both the defense and the prosecution. After weeks of testimony a jury found Brian Jacob Church, 22, Jared Chase, 29, and Brent Betterly, 25, not guilty of terrorism charges but convicted the three out-of-state men on lesser charges, mob action and arson related charges, that carry prison terms of up to 30 years.

Assistant State’s Attorney John Blakey dubbed the three men Mr. Cop on Fire, Captain Napalm and Professor Molotov respectively, and of hatching a nearly super-villanous terrorism plot that would have included attacks on police stations, President Barack Obama’s Chicago campaign headquarters, Chase Tower and burning police officers in the streets.

The trial was the first time the Illinois State’s Attorney’s office prosecuted a case under a 12 year old terrorism law passed just after the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. Prosecutors argued the three men came to Chicago ready for war and presented the jury with inflammatory and incendiary statements the trio made recorded by undercover police, as well as four beer bottles filled partially with gasoline and a collection of various weapons including a bow and arrow, a throwing star, a slingshot and a homemade shield emblazoned with the words austerity ain’t gonna happen.

If one were to believe Cook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez Betterly, Chase and Churchwho have spent nearly two years in Cook County Jail awaiting trial with $1.5 million bondswere cold, calculating terrorists. Even Judge Thaddeus Wilson seemed to believe the rhetoric (at least in part) when he declined a move by the defense for a direct acquittal. Wilson repeated a line allegedly said by Church to the undercover officers that was not recorded: Chicago will never be the same, adding the court has that as a backdrop for all this. Chicago will never be the same.

But, were Mr. Cop on Fire, Captain Napalm and Professor Molotov hardened violent anarchists preparing a terrorist plot of chaos and destruction worthy of Cobra Commander, or were they a trio of loud mouthed, outspoken kids who spat a lot of tough violent sounding rhetoric after getting drunk and high when prompted by police? The defense showedand the jury at least partly agreedon the latter.

The prosecution’s case relied heavily on testimony about recordings made by two undercover police officers, Nadia Chikko and Mehmet Uygun, also known as Gloves and Mo. Both Uygun and Chikko, aided by intelligence units within the Chicago Police Department, spent months working undercover in Chicago’s activist community attempting to build relationships and trust with local organizers. Testimony from Chikko and Uygun revealed that police had spent plenty of time prior to the summit searching the city for anarchists. Chikko attended a punk show in Pilsen in March 2012 and spent some time chatting up a local young man, Ian Wise, because of a tattoo he had of Emiliano Zapata. After Wise expressed his distrust of police to Chikko, she took special note, saying it could be something to look into. Police took down license plate information from cars at more than one punk rock show. When asked on the stand about this, Uygun said we are the police, sir. We run plates sometimes.

Chikko and several other police officers spent time at Heartland Cafe in Rogers Park to see if there was any criminal activity being talked about, discussed or planned. According to reporter Kevin Gosztola from Firedoglake, police trolled Division Street looking for anarchists and graffiti related to anarchism. Uygun once even spent several hours handcuffed to an organizer of one of the protests held at the Woodlawn Mental Health clinic, when local activists attempted to fight its closure. Many of these things happened before Church, Chase and Betterly even set foot in Chicago. After the pair of undercover cops set their sights on the three, the recordings revealed Mo and Gloves spent more time talking about Molotovs than the three combined. In one recording, Uygun says Dude, we got Molotovs that’s not whack with Chikko later chiming in you guys got anything? Should we make some? You got bottles?

It seems that no one even brought the idea up before May 16, the day the three were arrested during the raid on their Bridgeport apartment. As to the cache of weapons and other fantastical ideas about plotting to bring Chicago to its knees with a coordinated series of attacks, the prosecution could produce no evidence the NATO 3 planned on bringing the legally owned items to any of the demonstrations or evidence the trio attempted to recruit anyone.

In fact, the three were mostly too drunk or stoned to do anything more than talk big in front of undercover police all too eager to egg them on. The Tribune reported that in one recording, Church apologized for not making coherent plans because he was fucking spaced out. Uygun told him that he and Chase needed to come up with something before you hit the bowl. In another instance, then underage Church was too drunk to drive, so Chikko had to take the wheel. One night, Church and Chase skipped a protest at Woodlawn to drink and wait for a weed dealer to stop by the apartment in Bridgeport. Chases attorney, Thomas Durkin, quipped The revolution had to take a bit of a hiatus that night.

Much of the way the trial played out was something of a tragic comedy. If three young men hadn’t spent the past two years in jail and weren’t looking at spending another thirty years behind bars, it might be. Even after all of the testimony revealing much of the actions the three discussed wouldn’t have become more than words without the help of police, Anita Alvarez not only acted as if the arson charges weren’t enough, but had the three not been arrested prior to the NATO summit, Chicago would’ve been victimized by a brutal terrorist attack. In a press conference with reporters after the verdict was read, Alvarez said: Have we forgotten about Boston here? Have we forgotten about homemade bombs in backpacks? We were able to stop people from being hurt, and I would do it again. She even asked an Associated Press reporter if he would like a molotov thrown at him, when asked if the verdict meant defeat.

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No One Really Won In NATO 3 Trial: Chicagoist

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Low IQ Left-Wing Nut Progressive Liberals In Their Own Words – Liberal Logic 101 – Video

Low IQ Left-Wing Nut Progressive Liberals In Their Own Words – Liberal Logic 101
Low IQ Left-Wing Nut Progressive Liberals In Their Own Words – Liberal Logic 101. ObamaCare: Less Work is Good.

By: Bryan Walker

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Low IQ Left-Wing Nut Progressive Liberals In Their Own Words – Liberal Logic 101 – Video

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