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Letter to the Editor: Razan Anabtawi

A liberal arts education advocates freedom. In most cases, Lawrence advocates free speech and clear and open debate. However, after a series of incidents, it has come to my attention that this is not being upheld in certain circumstances. While I still have the utmost respect for Lawrence University and its policies of tolerance and respect, I believe these matters need to be addressed publicly, instead of through a series of passive gestures.

A few weeks before the end of Winter Term, I started a campaign to communicate the struggle of every-day Palestinian life through hanging up posters around campus visualizing the Israeli occupation of Palestinians. The posters encompassed a variety of aspects of the Israeli occupation of Palestine from the illegal separation wall built by Israel, to the issue of the indefinite administrative detention. Tammara

Nassar, another Palestinian student here at Lawrence, put up various posters visualizing Israeli confiscation of Palestinian land between the years of 1947 and 2012. To our shock, all of these posters got torn down a few days after we had put them up. This is not disputed information and we had only aimed at raising awareness on campus, yet for some reason someone felt compelled to remove them. This is a direct act of opposition and oppression to freedom of speech and expression.

A couple of months ago President Mark Burstein and Provost and Dean of the Faculty David Burrows, released a statement where Lawrence University committed to opposing the academic boycott of Israeli educational institutes that directly thrive from the ongoing suffering and discrimination Palestinians face everyday. This statement also touted the benefits of dialogue as a necessary component to promoting conflict resolution and mutual understanding. Of course, opposition of this kind produces a variety of drawbacks for Palestinian civil society. It is important to recognize that there needs to be a Palestinian lead struggle against the occupational force of the Israeli government. The Boycott Divestment and Sanctions movement is perhaps the last of what the international community can do to assist this Palestinian lead struggle.

As renowned philosopher and BDS advocate Judith Butler asserted, interfering in the Palestinian choice of this form of resistance is an infringement on the Palestinian right to express self-determination. The BDS movement is not only asking for international solidarity with the Palestinian cause, it also aims to represent Western corporate, cultural, and academic involvement in the reproductive nature of the discriminatory policies and inhumane structure of the Israeli military occupation of Palestinians.

Here, I find myself questioning the universitys opposition: if youre going to reject the military tactics of ending the occupation, you cant also reject the major non-violent tactics to ending the occupation. (You can be pro-occupation, but thats for another conversation.)

Part of the Lawrence statement also reads: The longer we live and work within an academic community, the more deeply we are convinced that our most precious possession is the freedom to speak what we think, and to listen thoughtfully to one another. As much as I value this sentiment, I find myself filled with conflicted feelings about being affiliated with an institute that does not recognize my peoples right for self-determination much less an institute that hosts members that are actively working to silence our voices. Mediating conflict of this kind has proven to be very frustrating, particularly within the boundaries of our shared community. One of the biggest drawbacks of such actions is that if you view me through a stereotypical lens, I will automatically be marginalized in a community that I strive to be part of.

In the coming weeks, Tammara and I will actively work to provide a platform for discussion, dialogue and debate on The Question of Palestine. So please, if you have something to say, an opposition of any kind come talk to us rather than sabotage us.

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Letter to the Editor: Razan Anabtawi

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Knocking down downtown

Skip image Ed Ruping/ The Chronicle By Jason Kelly | April 02, 2014 As the city of Oviedo and the Florida Department of Transportation inch closer toward flattening much of the town’s historic core, several downtown business owners are determined to not let their livelihoods crumble once the buildings they now occupy are knocked down. From the Baptist church perched atop a hill to the historic storefronts that line narrow roads, from the colossal steel water tower to the pint-sized brick fire station and every roaming chicken in between, some say few places in Central Florida better capture the spirit of small-town America than downtown Oviedo. But soon, this pocket of old Florida will be but a memory as officials prepare to pave over the town’s past to make way for its future.


Knocking down downtown

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The Weekend Warrior: Noah, Sabotage, Cesar Chavez

They say that time flies when you’re having fun, so is anyone having fun yet? March has been quite a month and it’s coming to a quick end with three very different movies with varying degrees of interest and two of them likely shooting for some of the same audience.

This weekend’s big(gish) movie is Darren Aronofsky’s take on the biblical epic Noah (Paramount), starring Russell Crowe, Logan Lerman, Emma Watson, Jennifer Connelly, Anthony Hopkins and Ray Winstone. The film has gotten a lot of attention, partially due to the controversy of Aronofsky taking on a biblical story in an untraditional way and partially due to the confusion of people not knowing what the movie is, but still wanting to see it.

Aronofsky is an interesting filmmaker and it’s more his involvement with the project that’s gotten people excited than the project itself, maybe because they know that he’s very much an auteur and visionary filmmaker who will do something different with the material. For Aronofsky, it’s his first movie since 2010′s Black Swan, which won Natalie Portman an Oscar as well as Aronofsky his first nomination as a director, but also his biggest scale movie since 2006′s The Fountain, a movie that was delayed a number of times before tanking over Thanksgiving weekend. It ended up grossing $15 million worldwide based on a relatively small production budget of $35 million, which may have inspired Aronofsky to make a smaller, low-budget movie like The Wrestler next.

Crowe, on the other hand, is coming off a string of hits like last year’s Man of Steel and more recent flops like Winter’s Tale, and it’s hard to imagine that Crowe playing Noah will be that big a draw for people even if they did go see him as Robin Hood and he’s still considered at least a B-list star more or less. He has a great cast around him as well such as Logan Lerman and Emma Watson as Noah’s kids, both stars of children’s novel franchises, one way more successful than the other. This marks Connelly’s third movie with Crowe, following the Oscar-winning A Beautiful Mind and the aforementioned Winter’s Tale, and then you have veterans like Anthony Hopkins and Ray Winstone.

There’s some interesting controversy surrounding the movie, mainly from the religious right who don’t think Aronofsky will make a faithful or conventional version of a beloved bible story, and Paramount has gone out of their way to show the film to influential Christians and Catholicslike, say, The Popein order to try to gain their influence over their constituents. This is something that’s been used successfully to help get attention to other movies like Mel Gibson’s The Passion of The Christ and even The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.

On the other hand, the studio has decided to barely show the movie to film critics, waiting until the Wednesday night before opening, which is odd since critics tend to be the primary boosters of Aronofsky’s work and could help to boost interest if they like the movie. To me, this means only one of two things: that the studio has little confidence in the movie being any good (having already made some changes to it, presumably behind Aronofsky’s back) or that they’re expecting a backlash of negative reviews that could keep people from going to see it despite their extensive and admirable marketing campaign. (As someone who loved “The Fountain,” a movie that still resides in my Top 25 movies of all time, I’m confounded by this decision and considering that the movie placed #2 on my Most Anticipated for the year, Paramount’s lack of effort to show the movie has made me lose interest in the movie almost entirely.)

Even so, all of this controversy has just helped generate curiosity and with an ultrawide release into over 3,800 theaters, there’s a good chance that Aronofsky fans and the same audience that helped drive business to Fox’s Son of God will want to see the movie opening weekend, which should amount for an opening in the low to mid $30 millions. Whether or not the movie is able to gross $100 million domestically is another story, but it’s already doing so well overseas that it should be profitable enough to warrant a Noah 2or maybe not.

The other movie getting a wide release this weekend probably can’t be any more different as it pairs filmmaker David Ayer with Arnold Schwarzenegger for Sabotage (Open Road), an action-thriller about DEA agents taking on the cartel. Joining the veteran action star are Sam Worthington (who normally would be headlining his own movie), Terrence Howard, Olivia Williams, Joe Manganiello, Max Martini and a “Lost” reunion for Harold Perrineau and Josh Holloway.

This is Schwarzenegger’s third full movie since returning from his acting hiatus as Governor of California–he had a mere cameo in The Expendables–and other than The Expendables 2, it doesn’t really look like his diehard fans from the 80s and 90s have decided to return with him. Early last year, his full return as a leading action star in The Last Stand bombed with just $12 million grossed total despite a very wide opening. His pairing with Sylvester Stallone nine months later in Escape Plan fared better, grossing twice that amount, but one wonders if there’s anything Schwarzenegger can do to restore his audience or if he’s considered a dinosaur just to be wheeled out for each successive “Expendables” movie.

It’s hard to imagine that the presence of Worthington or Howard or any of the other actors will make that big a difference on whether people see it either, because it’s being marketed more on the credentials of Ayer, who wrote Training Day, a big hit for Denzel Washington that even won him an Oscar. Ayer’s previous film as a director, End of Watch, starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Pea, opened fairly well with $13 million in September 2012 before going on to gross $41 million, a decent-sized hit for the fledgling Open Road Films, considering the low budget of the movie.

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The Weekend Warrior: Noah, Sabotage, Cesar Chavez

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Florida immigrants decry detention quota

WASHINGTON Every day, hundreds of immigrants suspected of living in the country illegally are held behind bars in Florida, part of a controversial crackdown that helps fill a federal detention-bed quota.

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Florida immigrants decry detention quota

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Republican savior John Ellis JEB! Bush to speak at Rollins tonight, is totally running for prez

Everybody grab your school vouchers and weird choice signs and pricey family trees, because Jeb Bush is slated to speak, at the behest of the Winter Park Institute, at Rollins tonight! And it all sounds very serious and daunting, because, well LIFE IS HARD RIGHT NOW, or something. Here, look at the promotional handbill! TIMES ARE UNCERTAIN! AMERICA STILL HAS PROMISE.

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Republican savior John Ellis JEB! Bush to speak at Rollins tonight, is totally running for prez

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Five questions heading into Marlins spring training

Jarrod Saltalamacchia recently signed with his hometown team the Marlins, after winning the World Series with the Red Sox last season Questions abound, and now it’s time to start answering them.

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Five questions heading into Marlins spring training

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Fund-raiser set for girl's surgery

Published: Friday, 2/14/2014 – Updated: 5 seconds ago


Sondos Aleyyadeh,13, arrived in the United States last week, and for the first time the Palestinian child saw a movie in a cinema.

Her hometown of Hebron, a Palestinian city in the West Bank, does not have a movie theater. But she didnt travel this far to see a movie. She came here to receive free hip-replacement surgery.

The Palestine Childrens Relief Fund Toledo Chapter will host its first fund-raising event, and in attendance will be Sondos, one of the first children to benefit from the local nonprofit organizations generosity.

The Winter Gala will take place at 6 p.m. Saturday in the Franciscan Center on the Lourdes University campus in Sylvania. Chapter President Amal Dudar is proud that the chapter is helping its first child before its first anniversary in July.

If your team does not have the resources, it means nothing if you know how to perform a procedure, she said. Ms. Dudar, a physicians assistant, said the area where Sondos lives has talented doctors but lacks the proper equipment to perform such a procedure.

Founded in the 1990s, the organization aims to address the humanitarian crisis in the Middle East as well as provide medical attention to children.

My doctor said he performed the surgery three times before, but he lied, said Sondos, translated by her host mother, Dima Ershaid.

In her home country, another doctor performed a hip replacement, but it was unsuccessful, she said.

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Fund-raiser set for girl's surgery

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Extreme Weather Rare Winter Storm Hits South – Video

Extreme Weather Rare Winter Storm Hits South
Extreme Weather Rare Winter Storm Hits South videolarn Winter storm watches and warnings are posted from Virginia all the way down to the Gulf Coast. The C…

By: News Event Tv

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Extreme Weather Rare Winter Storm Hits South – Video

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Extreme Weather: Rare Winter Storm Hits South – Video

Extreme Weather: Rare Winter Storm Hits South
Winter storm watches and warnings are posted from Virginia all the way down to the Gulf Coast. The CELESTIAL Convergence | December 26, 2012 – UNITED STATES …

By: todayworldnewss


Extreme Weather: Rare Winter Storm Hits South – Video

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Dumplings in America, Brought to You By This Korean Manufacturer

Before the Lunar New Year tomorrow, shoppers in Chinatowns and Asian food marketsacross the U.S. have been stocking up on holiday staples, which for many celebrants include dumplings.While General Mills (GIS)Wanchai Ferry is the biggest name in frozen dumplings in China, the brand isnt sold in the U.S.Thats where CJ CheilJedang (097950:KS), a large South Korean food manufacturer that wasonce part of Samsung Group, sees an opportunity.

CJ CheilJedangmaker ofAnnie Chunsproducts and Bibigo-brand dumplingshas two plants in California that together can produce 9,000 tons of dumplings annually. Thats enough, the company claims, to give it a market-leading position. And to expand its footprint on the East Coast,CJ CheilJedang acquired 80percentownership of three subsidiaries of Brooklyn (N.Y.)-basedTMI Food Group in 2012 for $46million:Chef One(Chinese dumplings, buns, spring rolls);Twin Marquis (Chinese noodles and dumpling wrappers); and distributor TMI Trading.

The U.S. markets for Asian-style dumplings and noodles, by CJ CheilJedangs estimate, are worth about $300 million and $1.3 billion, respectively, and the company has an appetite to own the biggest portion of the trade. We will not stop in our quest to achieve the globalization of Korean cuisine and our goal to achieve the hallowed mantle of No. 1 Asian food company in the U.S., Hyun-soo Shin, the companys global food business vice president, said last year.

TMI, founded in New Yorks Chinatownin 1989 by Hong Kong natives Joseph and Terry Tang,describes itself as one of the countrys largest dumpling makersit produces roughly40,000pieces an hour. Revenue from frozen dumplings was about $8.4 million last year, and the company also sells millions of dollars worth of noodles and dumpling wrappers, according toTMI sales and marketing associateSusie Moy.

Shaped like ancient gold and silver ingots and symbolizing wealth, dumplings are a traditional Chinese New Years food. Moynoted in an e-mail that demand for all products increases by about 15 percent during the Chinese New Year, and dumpling sales typically jump 50 percent during the winter. We have added another production line to meet demands, she said.

The company hopes for more, too: We want to make the dumpling as American as the hot dog, TMIs Terry Tang told theNew York Daily News.

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Dumplings in America, Brought to You By This Korean Manufacturer

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