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La Liga Preview: Champions League Hangovers Will Test the Big Three's Title Ambitions

Atletico Madrid, Barcelona and Real Madrid each have seven games of the season remaining in what will be the most compelling conclusion to a Spanish title race in some time. This weekend could prove to be particularly crucial in determining who is crowned La Liga champions with a potential European hangover awaiting each side after all featured in Champions League quarter-finals mid-week ..

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La Liga Preview: Champions League Hangovers Will Test the Big Three's Title Ambitions

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The Weekend Warrior: Noah, Sabotage, Cesar Chavez

They say that time flies when you’re having fun, so is anyone having fun yet? March has been quite a month and it’s coming to a quick end with three very different movies with varying degrees of interest and two of them likely shooting for some of the same audience.

This weekend’s big(gish) movie is Darren Aronofsky’s take on the biblical epic Noah (Paramount), starring Russell Crowe, Logan Lerman, Emma Watson, Jennifer Connelly, Anthony Hopkins and Ray Winstone. The film has gotten a lot of attention, partially due to the controversy of Aronofsky taking on a biblical story in an untraditional way and partially due to the confusion of people not knowing what the movie is, but still wanting to see it.

Aronofsky is an interesting filmmaker and it’s more his involvement with the project that’s gotten people excited than the project itself, maybe because they know that he’s very much an auteur and visionary filmmaker who will do something different with the material. For Aronofsky, it’s his first movie since 2010′s Black Swan, which won Natalie Portman an Oscar as well as Aronofsky his first nomination as a director, but also his biggest scale movie since 2006′s The Fountain, a movie that was delayed a number of times before tanking over Thanksgiving weekend. It ended up grossing $15 million worldwide based on a relatively small production budget of $35 million, which may have inspired Aronofsky to make a smaller, low-budget movie like The Wrestler next.

Crowe, on the other hand, is coming off a string of hits like last year’s Man of Steel and more recent flops like Winter’s Tale, and it’s hard to imagine that Crowe playing Noah will be that big a draw for people even if they did go see him as Robin Hood and he’s still considered at least a B-list star more or less. He has a great cast around him as well such as Logan Lerman and Emma Watson as Noah’s kids, both stars of children’s novel franchises, one way more successful than the other. This marks Connelly’s third movie with Crowe, following the Oscar-winning A Beautiful Mind and the aforementioned Winter’s Tale, and then you have veterans like Anthony Hopkins and Ray Winstone.

There’s some interesting controversy surrounding the movie, mainly from the religious right who don’t think Aronofsky will make a faithful or conventional version of a beloved bible story, and Paramount has gone out of their way to show the film to influential Christians and Catholicslike, say, The Popein order to try to gain their influence over their constituents. This is something that’s been used successfully to help get attention to other movies like Mel Gibson’s The Passion of The Christ and even The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.

On the other hand, the studio has decided to barely show the movie to film critics, waiting until the Wednesday night before opening, which is odd since critics tend to be the primary boosters of Aronofsky’s work and could help to boost interest if they like the movie. To me, this means only one of two things: that the studio has little confidence in the movie being any good (having already made some changes to it, presumably behind Aronofsky’s back) or that they’re expecting a backlash of negative reviews that could keep people from going to see it despite their extensive and admirable marketing campaign. (As someone who loved “The Fountain,” a movie that still resides in my Top 25 movies of all time, I’m confounded by this decision and considering that the movie placed #2 on my Most Anticipated for the year, Paramount’s lack of effort to show the movie has made me lose interest in the movie almost entirely.)

Even so, all of this controversy has just helped generate curiosity and with an ultrawide release into over 3,800 theaters, there’s a good chance that Aronofsky fans and the same audience that helped drive business to Fox’s Son of God will want to see the movie opening weekend, which should amount for an opening in the low to mid $30 millions. Whether or not the movie is able to gross $100 million domestically is another story, but it’s already doing so well overseas that it should be profitable enough to warrant a Noah 2or maybe not.

The other movie getting a wide release this weekend probably can’t be any more different as it pairs filmmaker David Ayer with Arnold Schwarzenegger for Sabotage (Open Road), an action-thriller about DEA agents taking on the cartel. Joining the veteran action star are Sam Worthington (who normally would be headlining his own movie), Terrence Howard, Olivia Williams, Joe Manganiello, Max Martini and a “Lost” reunion for Harold Perrineau and Josh Holloway.

This is Schwarzenegger’s third full movie since returning from his acting hiatus as Governor of California–he had a mere cameo in The Expendables–and other than The Expendables 2, it doesn’t really look like his diehard fans from the 80s and 90s have decided to return with him. Early last year, his full return as a leading action star in The Last Stand bombed with just $12 million grossed total despite a very wide opening. His pairing with Sylvester Stallone nine months later in Escape Plan fared better, grossing twice that amount, but one wonders if there’s anything Schwarzenegger can do to restore his audience or if he’s considered a dinosaur just to be wheeled out for each successive “Expendables” movie.

It’s hard to imagine that the presence of Worthington or Howard or any of the other actors will make that big a difference on whether people see it either, because it’s being marketed more on the credentials of Ayer, who wrote Training Day, a big hit for Denzel Washington that even won him an Oscar. Ayer’s previous film as a director, End of Watch, starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Pea, opened fairly well with $13 million in September 2012 before going on to gross $41 million, a decent-sized hit for the fledgling Open Road Films, considering the low budget of the movie.

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The Weekend Warrior: Noah, Sabotage, Cesar Chavez

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No margin for error for Spurs, Arsenal, United and Liverpool

By Mike Collett LONDON (Reuters) – Two fiercely intense, always passionate, local rivalries with even more spice than usual take centre stage in the Premier League this weekend when Manchester United face Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur play Arsenal. The teams occupy four of the top six positions in the table and none can afford to lose in their pursuit of either the title or a top-four finish …

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No margin for error for Spurs, Arsenal, United and Liverpool

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Gaza militants deny involvement over seized missile shipment Israel says was from Iran

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip An Iranian-backed militant group in the Gaza Strip says it is not involved in a seized missile shipment that Israel says came from Iran and was destined for Gaza.

The Islamic Jihad denied involvement on Friday. Khalid al-Baths, an Islamic Jihad leader, said his group has “nothing to do with this ship.”

Islamic Jihad has fired numerous rockets at Israeli cities.

Iran and Hamas, the militant Islamic group that rules Gaza, denied involvement on Wednesday when the ship was seized by Israeli naval forces.

The raid took place in the Red Sea, hundreds of miles from Israel. The seized ship is set to dock in Israel this weekend.

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Gaza militants deny involvement over seized missile shipment Israel says was from Iran

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Koke eyes Madrid scalp

Atletico Madrid star Koke is confident the team can get their La Liga title push back on track when they face Real Madrid this weekend.

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Koke eyes Madrid scalp

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Israel warns Hamas in Gaza: Rein in rocket fire for good

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By Gili Cohen , Jack Khoury and DPA

Israel has passed a message with a severe warning to the Hamas regime in the Gaza Strip, warning them to immediately stop the deterioration of the situation along the border with Israel. Israel sent the message via Egyptian channels over the weekend to tell Hamas to stop all rocket fire against Israel immediately.

Despite the warning, a rocket fired from the Gaza Strip into Israel exploded late Saturday in an open area in the Sha’ar Hanegev Regional Council. No damage or injuries were reported. In response, the Israeli army struck two targets in Gaza overnight. The military said that both targets were hit.

The defense establishment feels that the joint warning from Israel and Egypt will have a restraining effect on Hamas, and that the leadership of the organization intends on acting to prevent the firing of rockets from Gaza at the Negev.

Over the weekend Hamas arrested a number of members of small organizations in the Gaza Strip in an attempt to rein them in and prevent rocket fire.

Late Wednesday night six Grad rockets were fired from the north end of the Gaza Strip at Ashkelon. Five Katyusha rockets were intercepted by the Iron Dome anti-missile system, and the sixth rocket fell inside the Gaza Strip. No one was injured.

In response to the rocket fire, the Israel Air Force attacked positions of the Hamas and Islamic Jihad in Gaza.

Militants from the Islamic Jihad in the northern Gaza Strip were responsible for launching the rockets. But as far as is known, the Hamas leadership did not approve of the firing and it is doubtful whether the Islamic Jihad leadership even approved the launching of the rockets.

Most of the recent rocket launches against Israel seem to have been local initiatives of “rebel” activists, who are not following the orders of the central leadership of the organizations they belong to.

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Israel warns Hamas in Gaza: Rein in rocket fire for good

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Things To Do In London This Weekend: 4-5 January 2014

31 December 2013 | Weekend | By: Lindsey Dancing at the Grand Midwinter Folk Ball, photo by David Heath MIMEFEST: London International Mime Festival opens on Friday read our preview there are five shows to see this weekend but start looking through the huge programme and book your tickets now. PING PONG: Table tennis nearly jumped the shark in 2013. Everyone was doing it, in pop up bars, in offices, on top of the O2, with zombies ..

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Things To Do In London This Weekend: 4-5 January 2014

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Hamas threats: Blocked in Gaza, Hamas Focusing On Launching Violence from West Bank – Video

Hamas threats: Blocked in Gaza, Hamas Focusing On Launching Violence from West Bank
Over the weekend Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh called on Palestinians to launch another war against Israel, triggering speculation by analysts that the…

By: World Reporter

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Hamas threats: Blocked in Gaza, Hamas Focusing On Launching Violence from West Bank – Video

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Bilderberg 2013 | The Grove Hotel, Hertfordshire, June 6th-9th

There is growing evidence that this years Bilderberg conference will take place in the UK, at the luxury Grove Hotel, Hertfordshire, just north of Watford. This is still just speculation, but the signs are good

Why do we think Bilderberg is taking place at the Grove?

The Grove Hotel, Herts

The whole hotel including three restaurants, a luxury spa and walled garden is completely booked out by a private group from the 5th to the 9th of June. This was first spotted by an Italian documentary maker who is an expert on Bilderberg.

The Grove a private family-owned luxury hotel is no stranger to international conferences: it has previously hosted the exclusive Google Zeitgeist conference (in 2009, 2010 and 2012). And Googles Chairman, Eric Schmidt is no stranger to Bilderberg.

Hotel staff have said that the booking has been made by a major and high profile group. The whole hotel is out of bounds and in lockdown for the duration. One member of staff said: We dont know what it is, senior staff know what it is but they wont tell us. They first heard about this unusual event in January.

Hotel spa members, who have paid a yearly membership of 2400, are banned from accessing the luxury spa facilities from 2pm on Weds 5th June to 12pm on Sunday 9th June. They will get 5 days added at the end of their membership.

We were told by the nearby Fullerians Rugby Club, that it has taken an unusual booking from Herts Constabulary, who have booked the entire grounds and facilities for ten days spanning the weekend of the conference. The rugby club has no idea what the booking is actually for. Could this be the base of operations for security during the event?

The diary of regular conference participant Neelie Kroes indicates that she will be in the UK over this weekend, plus the diary of the future King of the Netherlands and his mother, Queen Beatrix, is free between the 6th and the 9th. (The outgoing Queen Beatrix has long been one of the most prominent attendees).

This information corroborates a recent leak from a good source that the conference will take place in a London suburb from the 6th-9th June.

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Bilderberg 2013 | The Grove Hotel, Hertfordshire, June 6th-9th

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Israeli PM Netanyahu blames Palestinian Authority incitement for latest West Bank shooting – Video

Israeli PM Netanyahu blames Palestinian Authority incitement for latest West Bank shooting
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said that he holds the Palestinian Authority responsible for an attack on a young Israeli girl at the weekend. …

By: JewishNewsOne

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Israeli PM Netanyahu blames Palestinian Authority incitement for latest West Bank shooting – Video

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