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Lightning wing faces DWI, cocaine counts

TAMPA, Fla. Tampa Bay Lightning left wing Ryan Malone was charged Saturday with DWI and possession of cocaine after a traffic stop, police said.

An officer saw Malones SUV strike a curb after making a left turn from the center lane early Saturday, said Tampa Police Lt. Paul Lusczynski.

After being pulled over, Malone got out of his vehicle, and the officer smelled alcohol on his breath, Lusczynski said.

According to the police report, the officer also found 1.3 grams of cocaine in one of Malones pockets.

Malone refused to take field sobriety tests, but a breath test given at the jail recorded blood alcohol levels of 0.112 and 0.116 percent, Lusczynski said. Florida law considers a driver impaired at 0.08.

Malone was released from the Hillsborough County jail on $2,500 bond. Jail records didnt show whether he had an attorney. Police impounded Malones car.

2 commit to Tech

LaPorte High Schools Josh Fleming and IPFW freshman and Warsaw High School alum Jared Bloom committed to Indiana Tech mens basketball, according to the teams Twitter account. The two players are the first to commit under new head coach John Peckinpaugh.

Gray prevails in OSU spring finale

Brionte Dunn and Warren Ball ran for touchdowns to lead the Gray past the Scarlet 17-7 in Ohio States annual spring game before a crowd of 61,058 at sunny Ohio Stadium. Many of the Buckeyes big names didnt play. Quarterback Braxton Miller, Ohio States All-Big Ten quarterback, sat out spring workouts after surgery on his (right) throwing shoulder.

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Lightning wing faces DWI, cocaine counts

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Three wrestlers first-team all-MVC

Three Tomah High School wrestlers who posted undefeated records in the Mississippi Valley Conference were honored as first-team selections to the all-MVC squad. Ben Linzmeier (160 pounds), Seth Fryett (182) and Jordan Reisinger (195) were the first-team picks.

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Three wrestlers first-team all-MVC

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Palm Beach County promotes schools to businesses

School and economic leaders are partnering in Palm Beach County in an effort to land expanding or relocating businesses.

The Business Development Board of Palm Beach County announced an initiative Wednesday between the agency and public, private and charter schools and universities.

The partnership is critical to attracting relocations and expansions, which often are tied to the perception of the educational system, said Kelly Smallridge, the board’s president.

“We strongly believed that perception was not the reality,” she told community members at an event to launch the initiative.

The board brought together a 60-member task force to gather information about what the county’s schools and universities have to offer on a new website, PBCedu.org, created by the Business Development Board with the help of Alchemy Communications Group.

Two staff members will maintain the website, which has news feeds and videos from the schools and testimonials from executives, Smallridge said.

When CEOs come to Palm Beach County looking at relocation sites, they’re often most concerned about the quality of schools, she said.

She said the website answers decision-makers’ questions about the county’s education, such as: “What Ivy League schools do students go to?” and “When are computers integrated into the curriculum?”

Three of the county’s high schools Suncoast, Boca Raton High School and Dreyfoos School of the Arts were named Tuesday to the Washington Post’s list of “most challenging” schools.

On Wednesday, representatives from the Palm Beach County School District and universities and colleges pointed to new programs aimed at raising the education level and achievements so far:

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Palm Beach County promotes schools to businesses

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Gresham supporters rally against planned CPS turnaround


Updated: April 9, 2014 2:21AM

Standing in front of Chicago Public Schools Board President David Vitales spacious Hyde Park home Tuesday evening, a group of nearly 100 rallied against and questioned the proposed turnarounds of three neighborhood schools.

The CPS parents, students and administrators questioned how a man of wealth could make decisions for parents in poor communities and how the turnaround would benefit a community, while stripping it of its teachers.

To stand in front of a house we know we cant afford, for somebody to make the decisions for poor folks that constantly give to the rich and take from the poor The globalization of education cannot continue to happen in the city of Chicago, said parent Zerlina Smith, a member of the grassroots group Action Now.

Protesters, including Gresham Principal Diedrus Brown, stood in front of the two-story brick home some on the front lawn and driveway blocking rush-hour traffic for about 30 minutes and chanting against the proposed turnaround of Gresham Elementary School on the South Side, Ronald McNair Elementary School on the West Side and Dvorak Technology Academy in North Lawndale.

Angela Gordon, a Dvorak parent, asked the crowd what 170 homeless families on the schools roster will do. And where the children of convicted felons in the neighborhood will go. Ollie Clements, a grandmother of two students at Gresham said a turnaround will take away the heart of our community.

At a protest earlier Tuesday at Gresham, Gwen Herbert offered two reasons to keep Gresham the way it is: A doctor and a lawyer.

In all, Herbert said shes sent 10 of her children to the South Side school that Chicago Public Schools wants to close and reopen with all-new teachers.

I have children here now, Ive had children here in the past and my children have turned out pretty good, Herbert said Tuesday. I have a doctor. I have a lawyer. You name it, I have it, and they went to Gresham.

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Gresham supporters rally against planned CPS turnaround

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Marquette University withdraws sponsorship of anti-Israel event sort of

Last week was Israeli Apartheid Week on the campus of Marquette University.

Officially hosted by Students for Justice in Palestine and the Marquette University Student Government, school administrators are distancing themselves from the event, despite acknowledging the school funded travel and other expenses for a radical anti-Israel cleric.

The backpedal follows a late-February email to Marquette University political science faculty and staff.

In the email, first reported on the Milwaukee-based blog Marquette Warrior, John Janulis, coordinator for Intercultural Engagement in the schools Office of Student Development, announced “a series of programs focusing on Israeli apartheid and Palestinian awareness.”

Vice President for Student Affairs Chris Miller told MW school officials did not support the event. It is purely student sponsored, Miller said.

Click for more from Watchdog.org’s report

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Marquette University withdraws sponsorship of anti-Israel event sort of

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La Follette High construction students learn by building a tiny house for the homeless

Instead of building a shed like they usually do, students in Todd Faulhabers introduction to construction class at Madison La Follette High School this semester are going a little farther to learn basic building techniques. They’re also learning about homelessness by building a tiny house for Occupy Madisons OM Build project. Power screw drivers were whirring full speed one morning last week as students framed walls theyll eventually mount on the base they have already completed.

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La Follette High construction students learn by building a tiny house for the homeless

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Get Involved

Scottish Liberal Democrats today backed a policy motion, giving youth a voice. The motion sets out a range of measures which would give young people a say in issues affecting their everyday lives.

Key proposals include calls for:

Scottish Liberal Democrats to campaign to expand permanently the franchise to sixteen and seventeen year olds Compulsory citizenship education in high schools. The views and opinions of young people to be valued and taken into account in the school system. Compulsory youth representative bodies such as youth councils in each local authority

Scottish Liberal Youth Vice President of Communications Daniel OMalley said:

Liberal Youth are delighted that young people will have their say in the referendum. But we want to see the franchise extended permanently. Scottish Liberal Democrats are committed to building a fairer society and this motion demonstrates that young people can and should be at the heart of those efforts.

Liberal Youth’s Membership Secretary Eilidh Dickson added

Reaching out to young people and teaching them about Scotlands political institutions from an early age will open up politics so that more people can get involved with the decisions affecting their everyday lives. This motion, backed by Scottish Liberal Democrats, will help ensure that the debate about Scotlands future continues to involve the people of Scotlands future.

Liberal Youth President David Green said:

Its high time we moved away from a culture of tokenistic youth engagement to real empowerment for young people. We need real representation, proper political education and a permanent culture shift

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Get Involved

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Michael Taube: Closing charter schools as a favor to unions

Most Americans strongly support delivering the highest quality of education to our children. This is not and has never been a left-wing or right-wing idea.

When the discussion shifts to the sensible topic of school choice, it usually turns into a highly charged ideological battlefield between Democrats and Republicans. This only serves to hurt the students that politicians supposedly want to help.

The most significant opposition to school choice has historically come from left-wing Democrats. This group claims to be the champions of the poor and disenfranchised. Theyre the ones who scream the loudest when inner-city black and Hispanic students receive substandard education levels.

Yet if you mention school vouchers and tuition tax credits as possible solutions, these Democrats transform into screaming banshees. They claim its nothing more than a Republican plot to drive a stake through public educations heart.

The Democratic argument against school choice may be complete rubbish, but theyre constantly (and predictably) twisting the narrative to their advantage.

Take New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio. This ultra-left-wing politician and public-education advocate has little or no taste for, believe it or not, public charter schools. One of his primary targets has been Success Academy, which runs some charter schools with public funding to give low-income families (usually from minority groups) a chance at a better education.

In particular, Success Academy Harlem 4 students have earned some of the best math scores in the whole state. De Blasio doesnt care, however. Hes troubled by the fact the charter school gets its space rent-free and wants to close it down.

Students at New York City public charter schools make up roughly 6 percent of its entire education system. Yet this small group of children from low-income and minority families, the type of people who de Blasio claims to represent above all others, is the target of his wrath.

To their credit, some Democrats are fed up with de Blasios position and are speaking out.

Juan Williams, a liberal political analyst for Fox News, firmly believes Bill de Blasio is the best thing to ever happen to the school choice movement because its helped mobilize school choice advocates like never before. Williams wrote on Foxnews.com that 11,000 parents, teachers and students took to the barricades to protest de Blasios scheme to crush charter schools in front of the New York State Capitol in Albany, and it has also succeeded in getting a fellow Democrat, Gov. Andrew Cuomo, hardly a right-winger, to stand up for charter schools.


Michael Taube: Closing charter schools as a favor to unions

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OHS grad reaches deal on Occupy injury

OAKLAND, Calif. (AP) An Iraq War veteran and Onalaska High School graduate whose skull was fractured during an Occupy Oakland protest when he was hit by a beanbag round fired by police has reached a $4.5 million agreement to settle a federal lawsuit with the city of Oakland, his lawyers and city officials announced Friday. Scott Olsen, 26, sued the city in 2012 for medical expenses and injuries that also included a fractured vertebrae and hemorrhaging of the brain.

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OHS grad reaches deal on Occupy injury

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Yugoslav wars still relevant, lecturer says

The 1990s and subsequent international criminal trials may not seem like they apply to the everyday U.S. citizen, but thats not the case according to a visiting N.C. State professor.

Jelena Subotic, the 2014 Visiting Young Scholar for the School of Public and International Affairs, gave a lecture in Park Shops Thursday about the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, which is a body of the United Nations that addresses genocide, ethnic cleansing and other crimes that occurred during the Yugoslav wars.

According to Subotic, who experienced the war firsthand, several military leaders on all sides of the conflict were convicted by the ICTY at the Hague in the Netherlands, but were later acquitted because there wasnt evidence that they directly ordered the acts of torture, ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity of which they were originally convicted.

This isnt just about a lack of justice, this is about the hardening of the narrative of what these wars were about, Subotic said. Pardoning these leaders because we dont have evidence that they directly ordered these crimes is a strange standard and not a standard that had been applied before. This is controversial from a legal perspective as well as a political perspective.

These acquittalssome of which occurred as recently as last yearhave created a huge disillusionment in the human rights community, especially among the victims families.

Because these crimes happened 15 or more years ago on foreign soil, Subotic asked the audience throughout the lecture, Why should we care?

According to Subotic, the still-ongoing ICTY trials have major consequences internationally.

One of these consequences is the precedents being set by international political bodies.

The international policy makersthe U.S., the European Union and the United Nationshave made these legal responses to human rights abuses by the ICTY a proxy for respecting human rights, Subotic said. For example, the EU has directly tied Serbian and Croatian cooperation as ways to measure for membership.

According to Subotic, the countries involved in the Yugoslav wars simply had to arrest a few military leaders and extradite them to be tried at the Hague.

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Yugoslav wars still relevant, lecturer says

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