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Israel injures three Palestinians in Gaza Strip – Video

Israel injures three Palestinians in Gaza Strip
Israeli troops injured the Palestinians near the so-called buffer zone of the besieged Gaza Strip on Tuesday. The incident happened as Gazan protesters were …

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Israel injures three Palestinians in Gaza Strip – Video

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Occupy Melbourne – Official Site

Posted by occupyme on November 28, 2013 and filed under Uncategorized Occupy Melbourne is Melbourne-Australias response/contribution to the world-wide Occupy movement. WE ARE THE 99%.

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Occupy Melbourne – Official Site

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Political knot around gay marriage

Tying the knot: same sex marriage has politicians in a bind. Illustration: michaelmucci.com

Last week, I spied a peculiar photograph accompanying a newspaper story about the legalisation of gay marriage and adoption in France.

The caption on it read ”Men in masks: A protest in Paris on Friday against legalising same-sex marriage”.

These people are engaged in ideological contortions so complicated they must be exhausted.

But that couldn’t be right. The picture showed a line of shirtless men on their knees, their fists raised in what could have been a gesture of defiance but which looked an awful lot like the universal air-punching gesture of a merry dancer in an especially man-friendly nightclub.

They were all wearing masks and were surrounded by muscled men wearing police uniforms. One of them was wearing red jeans – that’s the kind of thing an anti-gay protester in a less liberal country could get bashed for.


Taken on its merits, this vignette was more Oxford Street than a chalked-on rainbow crossing. And yet these protesters were from a far-right anti-gay group.

Protesting too much, you might say.

The picture was amusing, but also revealing, because it was a perfect illustration of the gay marriage debate, where nothing is as it seems and people, particularly politicians, contort themselves into elaborate ideological twists and end up looking like the exact opposite of what they proclaim to be.

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Political knot around gay marriage

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Thousands of Palestinians demonstrate in West Bank

JERUSALEM (AP) — Thousands of outraged Palestinians took to the streets of the West Bank on Thursday, joining funeral processions and demonstrations after two protesters were killed by Israeli troops and a Palestinian prisoner died of cancer in Israeli custody.

The unrest clouded an upcoming visit by U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and underscored the difficult task he faces as he tries to restart peace talks in the coming months.

The demonstrations were among the largest in the West Bank in months, and came amid rising violence. But officials on both sides urged calm, and by nightfall, the situation appeared to be quieting down.

Israeli troops had been on heightened alert since Maysara Abu Hamdiyeh, a 64-year-old prisoner, died Tuesday from throat cancer. The Palestinians have blamed Israel for not giving him proper treatment.

Tensions rose further Wednesday when two Palestinian youths were killed in the northern West Bank after throwing firebombs toward Israeli troops. In an apparent show of solidarity with Abu Hamdiyeh, militants in the Gaza Strip fired rockets into Israel for three straight days, drawing Israeli retaliation, in the greatest challenge yet to a cease-fire reached in November.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said Israel was responsible for the violence, claiming it was trying to divert attention from a four-year standstill in peace efforts.

“It seems that Israel wants to spark chaos in the Palestinian territories,” he said.

In the most serious unrest, thousands of people took part in a funeral procession for Abu Hamdiyeh in Hebron.

The issue of Palestinian prisoners is deeply emotional in Palestinian society. Nearly every Palestinian family has a member or close acquaintance who has spent time in an Israeli prison, and the 4,500 Palestinians being held by Israel are seen as heroes standing up to Israeli occupation. Israel says the prisoners are criminals and terrorists. Abu Hamdiyeh had been serving a life sentence for involvement in an attempt to carry out a suicide bombing in a crowded Jerusalem restaurant a decade ago.

Mourners carried Abu Hamdiyeh’s body through the streets of the town, while chanting anti-Israel slogans and burning U.S. flags. Masked gunmen fired into the air, while Abu Hamdiyeh was given a full military burial.

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Thousands of Palestinians demonstrate in West Bank

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Palestinians, Israeli soldiers clash in West Bank

RAMALLAH, West Bank Palestinians have clashed with Israeli troops during rallies across the West Bank in support of hunger-striking Palestinian prisoners and against Israel’s security barrier.

Mohammed Samhan of the Red Crescent says dozens of protesters were treated for injuries caused by rubber bullets and tear gas inhalation on Friday. Israel’s military says hundreds of Palestinians threw rocks and firebombs at the soldiers.

The protesters demanded the release of Palestinian prisoners on hunger strike in Israeli jails, warning of backlash if any of them die.

In Bilin, villagers marked eight years of protests against a barrier Israel says it erected to keep out Palestinian suicide bombers following a wave of violence in the last decade.

Palestinians say the barrier is a land grab that cuts them off from their land in some places.

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Palestinians, Israeli soldiers clash in West Bank

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Israeli forces, Palestinians clash throughout West Bank

RAMALLAH, West Bank (Reuters) – Israeli forces clashed with Palestinian protesters throughout the occupied West Bank on Friday, capping a week of violence amid a hunger strike by four Palestinians in Israeli jails.

Tension and anticipation is rising in the West Bank a month before U.S. President Barack Obama is due to visit Jerusalem and Ramallah, though he has announced no concrete plans to revive Israeli-Palestinian peace talks stalled for three years.

From the precincts of Jerusalem’s al-Aqsa mosque, both one of Islam’s holiest sites and revered by Jews as the site of their Biblical temple, youths threw stones at Israeli police after Friday prayers.

Dozens of Israeli officers briefly entered the politically sensitive compound. Witnesses said officers fired tear gas and threw percussion grenades at the demonstrators as bystanders and elderly worshippers ran for cover.

A police spokesman said no tear gas was fired, but that protesters were throwing firecrackers.

The old city of Hebron, a bitterly contested city in the southern West Bank sown heavily with Israeli settlers, echoed with percussion grenades hurled by Israeli forces at some 1,500 Palestinian protesters.

At a military checkpoint near the northern city of Nablus and outside a military prison in the central West Bank, Israeli forces worked to clear away makeshift roadblocks and fired rubber bullets towards stone-throwing Palestinians.

There were dozens of light injuries from gas inhalation and rubber and aluminum bullets, witnesses said.

Palestinians seek statehood in territories Israel captured in a 1967 war. Peace talks broke down in 2010 over Palestinian objections to Israel expanding settlements on occupied land. Israel has called for resuming the talks without preconditions.


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Israeli forces, Palestinians clash throughout West Bank

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West Bank seethes in anger over Gaza attack

Ramallah, West Bank – While the Gaza Strip continues to be pounded by Israeli missiles, tensions spawned by the attacks are quickly rising in the West Bank.

Anger on the street is palpable with a widespread sense of outrage apparent, not only towards Israel but at the Palestinian Authority (PA) as well.

Palestinians here are angry at the lacklustre response by the PA’s leadership to the Gaza attacks specifically, and its acquiescence to Israel’s demands in general.

Protests against the Gaza onslaught in recent days have turned violent in Ramallah, Hebron and Jenin with clashes around Israeli checkpoints. Israeli soldiers shot two Palestinian men in separate incidents in Nabi Saleh village and in Hebron. Both died on Monday.

More than 50 people were reportedly wounded when Israeli forces fired tear-gas and rubber-coated bullets at protesters on Sunday in Ramallah, Bethlehem, East Jerusalem and the Qalandiya checkpoint.At some demonstrations, protesters were also confronted by PA security forces who attempted to disperse them before they reached Israeli checkpoints.

Hazem Abu Helal was detained and taken for questioning by Palestinian security forces last week, after a protest flared outside an Israeli settlement and military base in Beit El, near Ramallah.

“I was just standing, drying my eyes from tear-gas fired by the Israeli soldiers when the PA [security forces] flooded the place and took me away,” Abu Helal said. “They told me, ‘You are making trouble for us with the Israelis. Don’t embarrass us.’”

Abu Helal said the Palestinian Authority should cease any cooperation and coordination with Israel, a sentiment that is shared with many here who view it as submission to the occupation.

UN bid long forgotten

The authority’s popularity had dwindled long before Israel assassinated Ahmed Jabari, Hamas’ military commander, last week. The assassination escalated the conflict with Palestinians unleashing a flurry of rockets, and Israel attacking Gaza with missiles that have left more than 130 Palestinians dead – almost a quarter of them children, according to human rights groups. Five Israelis have been killed by rockets, including an Israeli soldier on Tuesday.

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West Bank seethes in anger over Gaza attack

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Palestinians protest in the West Bank

Palestinians have taken to the streets across the West Bank in protestat Israeli air attacks on theGaza Strip, leading to one death inthe southern city of Hebron.

A secondperson died on Monday ofwounds sustained from an earlier protest.

Protests broke out in Hebron’s Old City after which Palestinian protesters were pushed back into the centre of the city by Israeli security forces.

According to witnesses, Hamdi al-Falah, 17 years old, was shot four times by Israeli troops.

“He was going to his house, there were clashes nearby and he might have been protesting. He got shot once in the leg, one in the arm, one in the chest and one in his head,” a Hebron resident told Al Jazeera.

“Now the IDF are in the middle of the city and they are throwing teargas everywhere. Most of the entrances to the city are blocked. They are shooting rubber-coated steel bullets and live amunition. It’s getting crazy here.”

Amateur videos show Palestinian youth shooting fireworks in the middle of the city, prompting a violent response from Israeli soldiers, according to witnesses.

Police officer’s death

Earlier in the day, Rushdi al-Tamimi, a Palestinian police officer, died of wounds sustained two days earlier in Nabi Saleh, a village near Ramallah, hospital officials said.

“Rushdi al-Tamimi died today from his wounds,” Ahmed al-Betawi, director of the Ramallah hospital, said. Fellow activists said he was 31.

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Palestinians protest in the West Bank

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Occupy LA plans protests at tonight's ArtWalk in downtown L.A.

LOS ANGELES – Occupy LA protesters say they will stage another demonstration coinciding with tonight’s ArtWalk in downtown Los Angeles, and police say officers will be in the streets to monitor the situation. The monthly arts celebration, which takes place the second Thursday of each month, attracting thousands of people to the area of Spring Street between Third and Seventh streets, was marred July 12 by violence after police moved in to stop chalk-wielding protesters from scrawling messages on sidewalks, streets and buildings and were pelted by bottles

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Occupy LA plans protests at tonight's ArtWalk in downtown L.A.

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Occupy LA protesters march in Downtown LA following Art Walk clash


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Occupy LA protesters march in Downtown LA following Art Walk clash

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