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Injured Occupy Oakland protester and veteran Scott Olsen wins $4.5 million settlement

Scott Olsen after an officer fired a bean bag at his head, causing brain injury, at an Occupy Oakland protest in 2011.

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Injured Occupy Oakland protester and veteran Scott Olsen wins $4.5 million settlement

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Theres pride in resistance, not apartheid

Theres pride in resistance, not apartheid

We are Arabs, Jews, Mori, Pkeh, Asians, Pasifika. We are queer. We value the work that LGBTI activists before us have done to improve the lives of queers in Aotearoa and the world over. We value Pride for creating a queer-positive space where our community can come together and celebrate who we are.

But we are not proud that queer struggles are hijacked by the state of Israel in order to pinkwash its colonial violence towards Palestinians. We were not proud to see the Embassy of Israel included in Auckland Pride. This is why we had to take a stand, to protect queer spaces from being complicit in Israeli apartheid.

For many, our protest came as a surprise. The Israeli embassy, however, had anticipated the presence of protesters. In a press release just days before the event, the embassy was clear that their participation in Pride was motivated, not by a desire to support LGBTI rights, but as a PR exercise in response to Wellington protests against an Israeli Embassy-sponsored dance show.

The cynical use of queer rights as a publicity strategy to create a positive, humane image for Israel is not new, nor is it exclusive to New Zealand. In 2011 the Jewish lesbian writer Sarah Schulman published an op-ed in the New York Times criticising Israels strategy to conceal the continuing violations of Palestinians human rights behind an image of modernity signified by Israeli gay life. Other prominent queer Jews have echoed Schulmans criticism of pinkwashing, including Judith Butler and Aeyal Gross.

The pinkwashing narrative presents a familiar racist trope: Arab societies are conservative, gender normative and homophobic. Israel is the only Middle-Eastern country where gays have equal rights. Queer Palestinians escaping persecution in their own communities relocate to Israel for asylum.

A 2008 report on gay Palestinian asylum seekers in Israel, published by Tel Aviv Universitys Public Interest Law Program, presents a very different picture. The report found that gay Palestinians who escape to Israel live in the country illegallysince Palestinians are barred from applying for refugee status in Israel. This means that they are in constant danger of being deported back to communities where they will be subject to homophobic violence. Israeli security services have been known to exploit this vulnerability, and blackmail Palestinian gays into becoming informants.

Even for Jewish-Israelis, the country is not a queer-loving utopia. Two months ago a trans woman was viciously attacked on the streets of Tel Aviv. A gang of 11 men assaulted her with pepper spray and tasers. Israeli police were quick to dismiss the attack as a prank and denied that it was motivated by transmisogyny. Her attackers, it turns out, were off-duty officers in Israels Border Police.

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Theres pride in resistance, not apartheid

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Palestine PD Officers Serve Narcotics Search Warrant

Palestine Police Press Release:

PALESTINE (KYTX) – On February 6th, at approximately 6:30 a.m. officers from the Palestine Police Department executed a narcotics search warrant in the 1200 blk of North Tennessee.

Involved in the SearchWarrant were members of thePPD SWAT team,PPD DEU Unit,members of the TDC Region 2K-9Unit, as well as additional members fromPDAdmin,CID, and Patrol.

The investigation and subsequent search warrant revealed that a a 31 year old male, residing ata duplex style residence, was engaged in the Manufacture/Delivery of crack cocaine as well as Marijuana. Evidence confirming this was seized during the early morning raid.

Onemale was arrested and charged with Manufacturing and Delivery of a Controlled Substance in a drug free zone. The Manufacture/Delivery charge is a 1st Degree Felony, which punishment includes up to a $10,000 fine and or 5-99 years in Texas Department of Corrections.. The Possession of Marijuana is a Class A Misdemeanor, enhanced from a Class B due to the Drug Free Zone.

“Yes, this is another great day in the City of Palestine, when we can effectively remove drugs from our streets and put those in jail who use / sell illegal drugs”. said Chief of Police Robert Herbert.”I thank the officers who were committed to making this a safe community to live and work.”

The name of the defendant will not be released until the after the subject’s arraignment at which timebond should be set in the case.

No one was injured during the execution of the warrant.

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Palestine PD Officers Serve Narcotics Search Warrant

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‘This used to be a newsroom’ — the scene at the Cleveland Plain Dealer

As a diminished staff adapts to new rules and new space, newsroom culture is gone DETROIT, MI As a major reorganization of the Cleveland Plain Dealer takes shape, veteran reporters are adjusting to backpack journalism, the division of staff into two companies, a looming move to a new office, and demands to post stories more quickly. At the same time, they are memorializing their old newsroom in striking images that are circulating on social media and in email chains.

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‘This used to be a newsroom’ — the scene at the Cleveland Plain Dealer

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Israeli forces arrest two Palestinians

Israeli regime forces have arrested two Palestinians, including one student, in a village near the occupied West Bank city of al-Khalil (Hebron) and East al-Quds (Jerusalem).

Israeli regime forces have arrested two Palestinians, including one student, in a village near the occupied West Bank city of al-Khalil (Hebron) and East al-Quds (Jerusalem).

The student was arrested on Wednesday in the al-Aqsa Mosque in East al-Quds (Jerusalem).

Moreover, the Israeli forces attacked Abu al-Asaga village, south of city of al-Khalil (Hebron) and arrested another Palestinian.

The Israeli military regularly attacks different areas in East al-Quds (Jerusalem) as well as the occupied West Bank to arrest Palestinian activists and civilians mostly without any charges.

On Tuesday, Israeli forces raided several Palestinian homes in the occupied West Bank, arresting at least 17 people.

On Sunday, the Israeli forces raided al-Saff neighborhood of the occupied West Bank city of Bethlehem and arrested two Palestinians.

On the same day, another Palestinian was arrested after Israeli military vehicles raided Aida refugee camp north of the city.

The Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) issued a press release earlier this month, saying the Tel Aviv regime perpetrated over 20,000 cases of violations against Palestinians in 2013.

The organization also said Israeli troops killed over 55 Palestinians, arrested or detained more than 4,530 others, and erected some 5,200 flying checkpoints throughout the occupied West Bank and East al-Quds.

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Israeli forces arrest two Palestinians

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William Evans named Boston Police Commissioner

Boston Mayor Martin Walsh formally announced the appointment of Interim Police Commissioner William B. Evans as Police Commissioner of the Boston Police Department at a press conference held Thursday morning. Commissioner Evans has been an exceptional leader to the Boston Police Department, Walsh said in a press release Tuesday.

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William Evans named Boston Police Commissioner

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Former federal Liberal organizer faces charges from sponsorship scandal

A former Liberal Party of Canada organizer has been charged with fraud, forgery and laundering the proceeds of crime as part of a far-reaching investigation into the former federal sponsorship program, the RCMP said Friday.

In a statement, the RCMP said Jacques Corriveau described in Justice John Gomerys report on the scandal as a close personal friend of former prime minister Jean Chretien was served with the summons to appear in court.

It is alleged that the accused set up a kickback system on the contracts that were awarded in the Sponsorship Program, the police force said in the statement. Mr. Corriveau allegedly claimed that he could exercise influence on the federal government to facilitate the awarding of contracts to certain Quebec-based communication firms in return for several million dollars worth of advantages and/or benefits for himself and other persons.

The RCMP also alleged that Corriveau had deposited some of the proceeds he obtained through fraudulent activities in the coffers of the Liberal Party of Canada, and that he kept the rest for his personal benefit.

Corriveaus initial claim to fame in the political world was his role as an organizer of former prime minister Jean Chretiens leadership campaign in 1990. But at the Gomery commission, the focus shifted to the huge number of untendered contracts Corriveau obtained from the $250-million sponsorship program from 1998-2002.

Corriveau was a key member of Chretiens 1984 and 1990 leadership campaigns.

As a party vice-president for Quebec, one of his tasks was spearheading the campaign for a review of then leader John Turner so Chretien could take over.

He was one of my organizers the two times I ran for the party leadership and he was very active. He was a very good supporter who thought that I had certain qualities to be leader of my party, Chretien testified before Justice John Gomery during the Gomery probe.

The federal Conservatives were quick to issue a statement Friday about the latest charges. Infrastructure Minister Denis Lebel said in a press release: This serves as a reminder to Quebecers and Canadians of the role played by the Liberal Party of Canada now led by Justin Trudeau in the sponsorship scandal. The Liberals still owe the Canadian taxpayers over $40M. When will we see the repayment?


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Former federal Liberal organizer faces charges from sponsorship scandal

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Illegal Pennsylvania gay marriage licenses show stir in 'battleground states'

One county official in Pennsylvania is handing out marriage licenses to gay couples, even though it’s against state law. But four states could legalize gay marriage in the next few years.

On Tuesday, an official in Pennsylvania’s Montgomery County made a decision that he said would put him “on the right side of history and the law.” He decided that he would issue a same-sex marriage license to anyone who wanted it.

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In Pennsylvania, same-sex marriage is illegal, but Register of Wills Bruce Hanes said in a press release that he made his “own analysis of the law.” He also noted that the state’s attorney general announced on July 11 that she would not defend that state’s gay marriage ban against a legal challenge by the American Civil Liberties Union. At least one same-sex couple has already been married in Montgomery County.

In the end, little may change in Pennsylvania. Gov. Tom Corbett (R) is likely to make sure the state’s gay-marriage ban is defended in court, and Mr. Hanes’s protest might not survive legal scrutiny. But the ferment in Pennsylvania is indicative of a brewing fight in gay marriage’s “battleground states.” With Delaware, Minnesota, and Rhode Island all legalizing same-sex marriage this year, advocates on both sides of the issue are preparing to spend millions of dollars in a handful of states that could follow their lead.

Hawaii, Illinois, New Jersey, and Oregon are at the top of the list, legal experts say. But there is unlikely to be a stampede toward the acceptance of gay marriage, despite the Supreme Court’s two landmark rulings this summer.

“It is unlikely that all states will adopt same-sex marriage in the foreseeable future,” says Jack Tweedie, director of children and families program at the National Conference of State Legislatures in Denver. “The political solution is a state-by-state one, and it will be slow.”

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Illegal Pennsylvania gay marriage licenses show stir in 'battleground states'

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Monetary Authority Cycle Indicator Increases in West bank, Gaza

RAMALLAH, May 19, 2013 (WAFA) The overall Palestinian Monetary Indicator for the Business Cycle (PMABCI) witnessed an increase from -2.12 in April to 3.8 in May, said a press release by Monetary Authority on Sunday.

The following figure clarified a considerable improvement in the West Bank indicator, as its value increased from -5.4 in April to 1.93 in May.

This indicated a sustained improvement in the economic conditions in the West Bank, which is reflected by the upward trend of the PMABCI since November 2012.

The release said that the Gaza indicator increased, though with a slower pace than in the West Bank, and reached 1.76, which is a relative improvement over the previous month.

It said Gaza still suffers from apparent fluctuations in overall economic performance that are influenced by several exogenous and endogenous variables, particularly, related to the Israeli siege.

The release attributed the limit of the expectations of an economic improvement in the short run to the severe economic conditions in Gaza since June 2007, in addition to the lack of political prospect under the Israeli siege and the continued drift with the West Bank.

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Monetary Authority Cycle Indicator Increases in West bank, Gaza

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DOLE bans deployment of OFWs to Gaza strip and partial ban on Southern and Central Israel

Home DOLE bans deployment of OFWs to Gaza strip and partial ban on Southern and Central Israel You and 1 others shared this.

A November 28, 2012, press release from the Department of Labor and Employment: Balik-manggagawa or overseas Filipino workers here on vacation who are returning to work in the Southern and Central Israel cities and towns of Sderot, Beersheva, Ashdod, Ashkelon, Tel Aviv, and Jerusalem to work will be allowed to return to those areas, while fresh hires or first-time OFWs will not be deployed to these areas. Continue reading Official Gazette of the Republic of the Philippines

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DOLE bans deployment of OFWs to Gaza strip and partial ban on Southern and Central Israel

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