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Running from war to create a new Palestinian narrative

Palestinians ran for peace in only the second Palestine Marathon on Friday. Kim Wilkinson, a Middle East academic, reports from Bethlehem on an event that makes a peaceful protest.

The travel agent explained to me that if there were any violencesuch as a bombing or a violent protestduring my time in Palestine that I would not be covered under insurance because this would be considered an act of war. This seemed a little extreme, but it is this perception of Palestine as

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Running from war to create a new Palestinian narrative

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Palm Beach County promotes schools to businesses

School and economic leaders are partnering in Palm Beach County in an effort to land expanding or relocating businesses.

The Business Development Board of Palm Beach County announced an initiative Wednesday between the agency and public, private and charter schools and universities.

The partnership is critical to attracting relocations and expansions, which often are tied to the perception of the educational system, said Kelly Smallridge, the board’s president.

“We strongly believed that perception was not the reality,” she told community members at an event to launch the initiative.

The board brought together a 60-member task force to gather information about what the county’s schools and universities have to offer on a new website, PBCedu.org, created by the Business Development Board with the help of Alchemy Communications Group.

Two staff members will maintain the website, which has news feeds and videos from the schools and testimonials from executives, Smallridge said.

When CEOs come to Palm Beach County looking at relocation sites, they’re often most concerned about the quality of schools, she said.

She said the website answers decision-makers’ questions about the county’s education, such as: “What Ivy League schools do students go to?” and “When are computers integrated into the curriculum?”

Three of the county’s high schools Suncoast, Boca Raton High School and Dreyfoos School of the Arts were named Tuesday to the Washington Post’s list of “most challenging” schools.

On Wednesday, representatives from the Palm Beach County School District and universities and colleges pointed to new programs aimed at raising the education level and achievements so far:

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Palm Beach County promotes schools to businesses

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When Putin invaded my country

Mikheil Saakashvili was president of Georgia from 2004 to 2013. He is a senior statesman at Tufts Universitys Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy.

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When Putin invaded my country

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Ideologies drive economic views of policy-makers

Is government necessary? If so, what functions should it perform?

The discussion at the James V. Brown Library centered around those questions Wednesday evening during the talk given by Mehrdad Madresehee, Lycoming College professor of economics, on the role of government in the economy.

The functions the federal government should perform varies between conservative and liberal views. Conservatives believe in a limited government role, but that it should still be involved in some ways, Madresehee said, such as establishing laws, providing public goods and stepping in with “spill-over” effects.

The overarching ideology is the perception and placement of failure: while conservatives view government skeptically, liberals see the market’s limitations to solve social and economic problems, he said.

Regarding the government providing public goods – which are goods that can be consumed by someone without diminishing the amount others can consume – taxes are necessary as it forces everyone to contribute to the common good. That addresses the “free-rider problem” of everyone benefiting from a public good that only a few may contribute to otherwise, Madresehee said.

Liberals tend to believe in the redistribution of income and wealth, and fighting poverty. Regarding income and wealth inequality, “the market is ruthless,” Madresehee said.

“Who gets what is not determined by the number of hours worked, but by supply and demand,” he said.

While 1 percent of the American population is very rich, the majority is left lacking, he said.

The nation’s income tax is rather progressive, he said, as those who make more pay more. In comparison, Pennsylvania’s income tax is flat, as the rich and poor pay in the same, he said.

Madresehee said this country is not over-taxed compared to other countries.

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Ideologies drive economic views of policy-makers

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Talking Gold: An Interview With Swimmer Natalie Coughlin

BuzzFeed Sports spoke with 11-time medalist Natalie Coughlin about living as a professional swimmer, posing for Sports Illustrated , and how exactly Olympians are crazy.

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Talking Gold: An Interview With Swimmer Natalie Coughlin

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Can Deneen Borelli Convince Black People To Vote For Republicans?

A difficult job. Deneen Borelli of the Koch-backed FreedomWorks, says conservatives need to work harder at “reaching the black community with message of limited government.” The woman tasked with spreading the Tea Party message among African-Americans says black voters need to get past “ethnic pride” and the “nonsense” that the Tea Party is racist. “There has been a void in reaching the black community with message of limited government,” Deneen Borelli, the new Director of Outreach for FreedomWorks, told BuzzFeed in an interview Monday.

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Can Deneen Borelli Convince Black People To Vote For Republicans?

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Three 'Occupy Oakland' protesters charged with robbery, hate crimes

OAKLAND, Calif. Three Occupy Oakland protesters were arrested after they allegedly battered a California woman, stole her wallet and made anti-gay remarks, the Oakland Tribune reported Saturday. Michael Davis, 32, Nneka Crawford, 23, and Randolph Wilkins, 24, were charged with robbery and hate crime Friday and remained in Dublin, Calif., jail Saturday

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Three 'Occupy Oakland' protesters charged with robbery, hate crimes

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Occupy Wall Street: Outing the Ringers – Video

twitter.com A few thoughts on Occupy Wall Street, I’ve been watching it and going down there for a while now but hadn’t had a chance to speak on it. By the way when I say some news media people are “ringers,” I don’t necessarily mean that they deliberately obfuscate, or get orders from some shadowy figure to do so. I think they’ll often just have a personal investment in the system and status quo that’s being critiqued/threatened, so they’ll naturally–without any need to conspire–have their perception skewed by an instinct to protect the status quo they’re invested in.

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Occupy Wall Street: Outing the Ringers – Video

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