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Four injured as Israeli jet fighters strike Gaza

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Gaza, April 4 : Four Palestinians were injured early Friday in a series of Israeli airstrikes in the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip, sources said.

The airstrikes came a few hours after Palestinian militants in Gaza fired four missiles into Israel, Xinhua reported citing local witnesses.

Israeli warplanes hit right after midnight a number of military sites in the seaside enclave that belong to Palestinian armed factions and Hamas police.

Medical sources said four people were injured in the attacks and have been hospitalised.

One of the targets was a metal workshop in the northern Gaza Strip town of Jabaliya, according witnesses.

Israel has not commented on the strikes. But Israeli media outlets reported that four missiles hit open areas in southern Israel.

This is the first round of violence since mid-March when Israel killed three Islamic Jihad militants in Gaza, prompting the Islamist group to fire a barrage of missiles into neighbouring Israeli communities.

In response to the rocket fire, Israel carried out several airstrikes that targeted military sites of the Islamic Jihad and Hamas movements.

The violence ended when Egypt restored a de-facto ceasefire it mediated in November 2012.

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Four injured as Israeli jet fighters strike Gaza

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Mano Andrei – In The Fog (Original Mix) [LEFTWING009] – Video

Mano Andrei – In The Fog (Original Mix) [LEFTWING009]
iTunes: http://bit.ly/O3Jw7N Beatport: http://btprt.dj/1o6Y5rV What People Play: http://bit.ly/1gqDGY2 Juno: http://bit.ly/1o6XS8g Support from Andy Bach, Cl…

By: Left Wing Recordings

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Mano Andrei – In The Fog (Original Mix) [LEFTWING009] – Video

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At border Mass, bishops call for compassion, immigration reform

CNS Story: BORDER-MASS Apr-1-2014 (530 words) With photos. xxxn

At border Mass, bishops call for compassion, immigration reform

By Patricia Zapor Catholic News Service

NOGALES, Ariz. (CNS) — With the backdrop a few feet away of the rusted iron slats of the 30-foot wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, Boston Cardinal Sean P. O’Malley and a dozen other bishops from three countries prayed April 1 for compassion and for a return to ideals that welcome immigrants.

More than 300 people formed the outdoor congregation on the U.S. side of the border and hundreds more participated on the Mexico side, receiving Communion pressed into hands that stretched between the slats, illustrating that, as one teenage member of the choir put it, “we are all one community — we are all bilingual and bicultural.”

“We have lost a sense of responsibility for our brothers and sisters,” Pope Francis said. “We have fallen into the hypocrisy of the priest and the Levite whom Jesus described in the parable of the good Samaritan.”

Cardinal O’Malley quoted Pope Francis further: “The culture of comfort, which makes us think only of ourselves, makes us insensitive to the cries of other people.”

The Mass at the intersection of International Street and Nelson capped a two-day experience of the border region for bishops from as far away as Atlanta and Guatemala. Beginning with a Mass the day before at San Xavier del Bac Mission outside Tucson, which dates from when the entire region was part of Mexico, the bishops then walked along rough desert paths used by migrants.

Crawling under strands of barbed wire, scrunching low to walk through a culvert beneath a road, dodging cactus and sticker bushes, the group came upon empty water bottles, backpacks and other belongings abandoned by the migrants who cross the hilly, rocky terrain as they try to get past the various security measures and agents used by the Border Patrol to try to stop illegal immigration.

Then the group met with the Border Patrol at their regional headquarters, before crossing into Mexico to serve dinner at a church-sponsored “comedor,” or soup kitchen. The “comedor” serves people who have been deported or who are figuring out whether they want to try to sneak into the United States.

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At border Mass, bishops call for compassion, immigration reform

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From Occupy Houston

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Occupy Houston activists demand FBI release assassination plot details We want to take a moment to thank everyone for your concerns regarding information released about the FBIs knowledge of assassination plans that targeted key participants in our movement. These plots involved the execution of members of Occupy Houston through coordinated sniper fire.

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From Occupy Houston

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Courthouse camping ordinances back on table: County Human Rights Commission recommends Board of Supervisors repeal

The Humboldt County Board of Supervisors will discuss Tuesday whether to repeal two urgency ordinances created in response to the Occupy movement’s protest campsites. The ordinances — ordinance 2477, passed in March 2012, and ordinance 2488, passed in October 2012 — were made to address health and safety concerns raised from the movement’s campouts in front of the Humboldt County Courthouse in Eureka

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Courthouse camping ordinances back on table: County Human Rights Commission recommends Board of Supervisors repeal

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Get Involved

Scottish Liberal Democrats today backed a policy motion, giving youth a voice. The motion sets out a range of measures which would give young people a say in issues affecting their everyday lives.

Key proposals include calls for:

Scottish Liberal Democrats to campaign to expand permanently the franchise to sixteen and seventeen year olds Compulsory citizenship education in high schools. The views and opinions of young people to be valued and taken into account in the school system. Compulsory youth representative bodies such as youth councils in each local authority

Scottish Liberal Youth Vice President of Communications Daniel OMalley said:

Liberal Youth are delighted that young people will have their say in the referendum. But we want to see the franchise extended permanently. Scottish Liberal Democrats are committed to building a fairer society and this motion demonstrates that young people can and should be at the heart of those efforts.

Liberal Youth’s Membership Secretary Eilidh Dickson added

Reaching out to young people and teaching them about Scotlands political institutions from an early age will open up politics so that more people can get involved with the decisions affecting their everyday lives. This motion, backed by Scottish Liberal Democrats, will help ensure that the debate about Scotlands future continues to involve the people of Scotlands future.

Liberal Youth President David Green said:

Its high time we moved away from a culture of tokenistic youth engagement to real empowerment for young people. We need real representation, proper political education and a permanent culture shift

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Get Involved

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Mano Andrei – Sunday Afternoon (Original Mix) [LEFTWING009] – Video

Mano Andrei – Sunday Afternoon (Original Mix) [LEFTWING009]
iTunes: http://bit.ly/O3Jw7N Beatport: http://btprt.dj/1o6Y5rV What People Play: http://bit.ly/1gqDGY2 Juno: http://bit.ly/1o6XS8g Support from Andy Bach, Cl…

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Mano Andrei – Sunday Afternoon (Original Mix) [LEFTWING009] – Video

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Two kids severely hurt after house explosion

(WXYZ) – Two children and one adult are in stable condition after a house explosion in Detroit Thursday night. Detroit Police and fire crews responded to the scene on the 1900 block of Fairport. At least four people were transported to a local hospital including a 2-year-old boy and an 18-month-old little girl.

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Two kids severely hurt after house explosion

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My Son Qais

Mar 27 2014 / 3:38 pm

Qais Odwan.

By Rana Abdulla

My husband met Umm Qais last year in Jenin. She is a 56 year old Palestinian mother of five sons. Her son, Qais Odwan, was not only extra-judicially executed by Israel, he was also slanderously accused of a range of crimes he did not commit. Without arrest, without a trial, without a verdict, he was adjudged guilty. Of the evidence? We were told that there was more than enough evidence to prove his guilt, but that the evidence is deemed secret. You see, we were told, the only people who are trustworthy enough to view this evidence are members of the Israeli intelligence agencies. The Israeli state will not trust its own citizens or its own press with this information, and would certainly never allow the investigators from Palestine to learn anything about the facts behind these events. Instead, all inquiries were met with threats, and critics were silenced. The media were given no choice but to report the official, mostly fabricated, so-called secret evidence or to remain silent.

I am always deeply moved when I meet a mother who has lost a son. As my husband told me of this mothers story, my thoughts were such that I could not help but write down immediately what I had heard. At times, so overcome with emotion, I was forced to pause to compose myself while I, a mother of four myself, became immersed in the experience of another mother, whose family had been visited by such a terrible injustice. But I was not just distressed. As I wrote Umm Qais story about her son, my adrenalin was flowing. Even more than distress, the injustice visited upon Umm Qais and her family, filled me with determination and a strong sense of righteous indignation gave me strength. I felt myself transformed and equipped with the tools to fight this, and other similar injustices in the world. Qaiss story was not a happy one, but it was one to which I was determined to bring hope. Umm Qais story moved from the bleakest and most miserable, to one full of optimism for those with faith. Her son may have unjustly lost his life, yet if it teaches us anything it is that we can have compassion for the unfortunate, and remain vigilant and aware of the injustices around us.

Having made us aware of her painful, but all too familiar story, Um Qais can take comfort in our solidarity with her, and be secure in the knowledge that her experience will only strengthen our resolve to oppose this oppressive renegade yoke, known as the Israeli government. Men like Qais Odwan will always live in our memories and their heavy sacrifice will only spur us on to greater resistance.

The Real Qais Odwan

On 5 April 2002, during Operation Defensive Shield, Israel announced it had killed Qais Odwan, a 25-year-old engineering graduate student. The Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) informed the world that Odwan engineered the Netanya suicide bombing on Passover eve that killed 26 Israelis in late March 2002, and that he had been one of the most wanted members of the Al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of Islamic Jihad. Due to the mainstream medias complicity in the suppression of the true history of the expropriation of Palestinian land in the cause of the Zionist political movement, too many people in Canada, Europe, and the United States are unaware of the enormity of the crimes committed by the government of Israel. The media reports are almost entirely dictated by the false information provided by the IOF, and it is not only to the eternal shame of the various international media that they fail utterly to criticise Israels breaches of international law, but they also fail to report Israels disgraceful human rights record. Although the general media is negligent in its duty to report the truth, the voice of Umm Qais will not be silenced, as I am fully committed to relating Umm Qais tale to all who care for justice, and the pillars of the rule of law and the right to a fair trial.

Odwan was described as a simple, kind, disciplined and diligent young engineer. He was a leader, and a popular figure. His mother affirmed that her son never carried a gun in his life and never killed an insect. His brother Nassar, five years younger and a civil engineering student at the time of his brothers killing, said he was once shown a newspaper by a friend, and he and the friend discussed what was written in the paper about Odwan. Nassar then asked his brother: Why are you listed as the most wanted by Israel? Odwan told his brother: Whats being said about me is not true. How is it possible that I can be responsible for all this terrorism? I am motivating my people, I stand for justice and revealing the truth. I lead 13,000 students at Al-Najah University and I am a critical thinker, so I suppose in their world that automatically makes me a terrorist.

As Umm Qais spoke, she cradled a trophy her son had won for his design of a prototype of the Al-Najahs university building. Odwan was artistic and creative, and he designed and painted the model for the building, which was of a blue, white and gold colour. She looked at Odwan watercolor hanging on the wall. It was a depiction of an old Palestinian stone house with its windows and iron bars, engraved and leading to a gate. His teacher described him as a committed student academically and politically. I cannot imagine that hes a terrorist, Odwan spent his time either at school or with his grandfather in the mosque.

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My Son Qais

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Oakland crime issue goes far deeper than racial profiling

It’s easier to discredit the Oakland Police Department than it is to take a hard, sobering look at the crime that drives a police officer’s actions in the field. The department’s recent report on the race and ethnicity of the people who get pulled over or stopped by Oakland police officers showed that 62 percent of the stops involved African American people. In a city where black citizens comprise 28 percent of the population, some say the data supports community concerns about racial profiling by police

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Oakland crime issue goes far deeper than racial profiling

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