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Occupy Democrats Endorses Floridas Alex Sink for …

We at Occupy Democrats have built a political movement based on you the readers that is active, informed, and of course politically active. With that in mind, we feel that we pick our first endorsement for this electoral cycle.

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Occupy Democrats Endorses Floridas Alex Sink for …

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Jimstonefreelance.com – News from Occupy Los Angeles

Permalink October 31 2011 This was a well funded, well organized, well run, squeaky clean protest that represented the heartbeat of America and went TOTALLY against what the media has portrayed Occupy Wall Street as being. The simple fact that they said it was all trash proves the lie, and when you look through the pictures “after” the fact you can see, in the “trash” a smashed HDTV. Interesting it is then, that the smelly hell hole homeless camp, which makes up Occupy DC, which I also visited, is allowed to live.

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Jimstonefreelance.com – News from Occupy Los Angeles

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Israel rolls out new sanctions against Palestine

It’s another factor pushing the two sides further apart: Israel wants to restrict the transfer of taxes and duties to the Palestinians, Israeli media report, citing an Israeli government official. According to that information, the finances are to be held back to pay Palestinians’ outstanding dues, for example with the Israeli electricity company. Saeb Erekat, Palestinian negotiator in the peace talks, has called these measures “theft,” according to the Israeli news portal “Ynetnews.”

Even before that, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had forbidden his cabinet members to contact their Palestinian counterparts in Ramallah. The only exceptions are Justice Minister Tzipi Livni, who is also in charge of the peace talks with Palestine, and the officials who are crucial for the Israel-Palestine security cooperation. Granted, there is usually not much of an exchange between the authorities anyway. But this explicit muzzle is still considered an escalation in the peace talks, which seem to be in a rut. And Israeli media report that more sanctions might follow.

Reactions to Palestine’s political maneuvering

Kerry has scolded Netanyahu’s government

The Israeli government is reacting to the diplomatic advance by Palestine’s President Mahmoud Abbas, who signed 15 international conventions last week (as seen in the article photo), including the Geneva Conventions. Originally, the Palestinians had promised not to take any “unilateral” steps with the UN during the nine months of the current peace talks. They are, however, accusing Israel of not sticking with the promise to release 26 Palestinian prisoners in March. Only when that became clear, the Palestinians say, did they decide to sign the conventions.

The Palestinian request to join the Geneva Conventions was officially confirmed by Switzerland on Friday (11.04.2014). The four Geneva Conventions deal with the protection of civilians in occupied territories, among other things, and could cause trouble for Israel because of its settlement policies in the Palestinian territories.

Penalties an established method to apply pressure for Israel

In 2012, Israel had held back taxes and duties it usually collects and forwards to the Palestinians once before. The reason back then: Palestine was recognized as an observer state by the UN; an act Israel had rejected.

People in Ramallah have learned to expect sanctions, Mohammed Shtajeh says. “We shouldn’t let ourselves be blackmailed by economic measures,” President Abbas’ close confidant adds. Until recently, he was a negotiator in the Palestinian peace talks team. “Palestine’s economy is in a rough place, and has been for a while. We’re used to stumbling from one crisis into the next.” Shtajeh still believes that neither Israel nor the US could have an interest in seeing the Palestinian Authority collapse completely.

He says Palestinians are counting on help from the EU and Arab states. The Arab League promised to support the Palestinian Authority with 100 Million Dollar a month in a meeting on Wednesday. At the same time, the League would also welcome the continuation of the Israeli-Palestinian talks, sources in Cairo say.

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Israel rolls out new sanctions against Palestine

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Welcome to Silicon Valley: Give Right or Get Out!

By Helen A.S. Popkin

Activists who campaigned for the ouster of Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich over a $1,000 anti-gay marriage donation made in 2008 got their wish, but may also have inadvertently opened a Pandoras Box in Silicon Valley, where Birkenstocks and kale smoothies dont always mean liberal political views.

Take one case that has so far gotten almost no attention: An April 8 filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission by a shareholder claiming that Facebooks political action committee has donated 41% of contributions since its inception to politicians voting against LGBT rights. Around 30 percent of the PACs contributions have gone to politicians voting to deregulate greenhouse gases, the filing states, despite Facebooks public support for the environment.

The filing urges Facebook to implement a policy to ensure the companys money goes to political causes consistent with the social media giants corporate values. Filed days after Eich resigned, the document from the president of NorthStar Asset Management says that disclosure may lay Facebook subject to public scrutiny and embarrassment – but argues that the best antidote is transparency.

It has come to our attention that the browser you are using is either not running javascript or out of date. Please enable javascript and/or update your browser if possible.

Facebook has not responded to requests for comment from NBC News.

Are activists incensed by the politics of major tech corporations and their executives, or do they just get mad about the incidents that go viral? The Los Angeles Times maintains a database of everyone who gave money for or against Prop. 8, and records the donations of scores of others in the tech world. Its a bit more difficult to dig into the information compiled by the Center for Responsive Politics on the tens of millions of dollars the industry spends every year supporting or opposing political candidates and lobbying for causes including immigration reform, cybersecurity and other causes.

In the April filing, NorthStar Asset Management says that Facebook has a young, progressive consumer which supports lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) rights, and that backlash against Facebook PACs political contributions could bring down share prices. In other words, this could be another Mozilla mess in the making, with shareholders paying the literal price.

Facebook opposed NorthStar Asset Management’s proposal in its annual stockholder’s meeting notice, writing that, “we believe it is our responsibility to engage in political, legislative, and regulatory processes to advance laws and policies that are in the best interests of our company, our stockholders, the people who use our services, and our partners.”

“When peoples lives and careers are subject to litmus tests, and fired if they do not publicly renounce what may well be their sincere conviction, we have crossed a line.”

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Welcome to Silicon Valley: Give Right or Get Out!

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Gaza Athlete Still Running Despite Marathon Ban

GAZA Kicking up dust on the back roads of northern Gaza within sight of the Israeli fence that seals off the enclave, Olympic athlete Nader Al-Masri is still training, despite being barred from competing in his people’s largest sporting event. Masri, who has participated in 40 international contests including the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, was denied a permit by Israeli authorities to travel to the occupied West Bank for the Palestine Marathon on Friday. I’m sad. This is a race for all Palestine and I wanted to participate, but unfortunately the Israeli side coldly rejected me, said the 34-year-old policeman. The Palestine Marathon, was inaugurated last year as an expression of statehood and of the right to free movement demanded by Palestinians. This year it is being run against the backdrop of heightened diplomatic tensions, with Israeli-Palestinian peace talks on the verge of collapse amidst mutual recriminations In a statement to Reuters, an Israeli government body in charge of permits said: The marathon is supported by the Palestinian Authority and is tainted by political shades which delegitimize the State of Israel. It said Masri’s case did not meet the requirements for travel out of Gaza, without elaborating. He was also barred from running in last year’s race – which starts in the West Bank town of Bethlehem and loops round a 10 km route. Frontrunner I would’ve easily come in first … I know my record and I know the other people’s records, Masri told Reuters. As he trained near his hometown of Beit Hanoun, children sprinted to his side and tried to match his stride before falling back. Neighbors cheered Nader as he passed. People encourage me to continue my sport, telling me the ban isn’t the end and there will be more contests, he said. Masri was one of 30 runners from Gaza whose permit requests were rejected by Israel, according to Gisha, an Israeli human rights group which litigated Masri’s case up to the level of Israel’s Supreme Court. The right to freedom of movement which should have been a central consideration was given no weight, said Gisha spokeswoman Shai Grunberg. It would also seem to run counter to public statements made by security officials themselves about Israel’s interest in facilitating normal life for civilians in Gaza, she added. Travel permits are not Palestinian athletes’ only concern, Masri said, bemoaning a lack of government funding. As you see, we train in the streets and most of the time in areas adjacent to the border, said Masri. Sometimes shots are fired as I run – not at me – but once a shell exploded 500 meters away, he said. Not far from where Masri trained, gunfire echoed and Palestinian medical officials later said two people collecting gravel from near the fence with Israel were wounded when soldiers opened fire to disperse them from the area. The Islamist group Hamas runs Gaza after seizing control in 2007, ousting forces loyal to President Mahmoud Abbas one year after Hamas won parliamentary elections. The takeover prompted an Israeli-led embargo on the Islamist faction which does not recognize Israel’s right to exist.


Gaza Athlete Still Running Despite Marathon Ban

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Why Greece matters to the Occupy movement – Occupy Oakland …

Summary: A small but informative OccupySF rally on February 15 was held in solidarity with the sovereignty of the people of Greece highlighting the importance of their economic situation to the Occupy community, the United States, and the world as a whole.

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Why Greece matters to the Occupy movement – Occupy Oakland …

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Four injured as Israeli jet fighters strike Gaza

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Gaza, April 4 : Four Palestinians were injured early Friday in a series of Israeli airstrikes in the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip, sources said.

The airstrikes came a few hours after Palestinian militants in Gaza fired four missiles into Israel, Xinhua reported citing local witnesses.

Israeli warplanes hit right after midnight a number of military sites in the seaside enclave that belong to Palestinian armed factions and Hamas police.

Medical sources said four people were injured in the attacks and have been hospitalised.

One of the targets was a metal workshop in the northern Gaza Strip town of Jabaliya, according witnesses.

Israel has not commented on the strikes. But Israeli media outlets reported that four missiles hit open areas in southern Israel.

This is the first round of violence since mid-March when Israel killed three Islamic Jihad militants in Gaza, prompting the Islamist group to fire a barrage of missiles into neighbouring Israeli communities.

In response to the rocket fire, Israel carried out several airstrikes that targeted military sites of the Islamic Jihad and Hamas movements.

The violence ended when Egypt restored a de-facto ceasefire it mediated in November 2012.

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Four injured as Israeli jet fighters strike Gaza

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Mano Andrei – In The Fog (Original Mix) [LEFTWING009] – Video

Mano Andrei – In The Fog (Original Mix) [LEFTWING009]
iTunes: http://bit.ly/O3Jw7N Beatport: http://btprt.dj/1o6Y5rV What People Play: http://bit.ly/1gqDGY2 Juno: http://bit.ly/1o6XS8g Support from Andy Bach, Cl…

By: Left Wing Recordings

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Mano Andrei – In The Fog (Original Mix) [LEFTWING009] – Video

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At border Mass, bishops call for compassion, immigration reform

CNS Story: BORDER-MASS Apr-1-2014 (530 words) With photos. xxxn

At border Mass, bishops call for compassion, immigration reform

By Patricia Zapor Catholic News Service

NOGALES, Ariz. (CNS) — With the backdrop a few feet away of the rusted iron slats of the 30-foot wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, Boston Cardinal Sean P. O’Malley and a dozen other bishops from three countries prayed April 1 for compassion and for a return to ideals that welcome immigrants.

More than 300 people formed the outdoor congregation on the U.S. side of the border and hundreds more participated on the Mexico side, receiving Communion pressed into hands that stretched between the slats, illustrating that, as one teenage member of the choir put it, “we are all one community — we are all bilingual and bicultural.”

“We have lost a sense of responsibility for our brothers and sisters,” Pope Francis said. “We have fallen into the hypocrisy of the priest and the Levite whom Jesus described in the parable of the good Samaritan.”

Cardinal O’Malley quoted Pope Francis further: “The culture of comfort, which makes us think only of ourselves, makes us insensitive to the cries of other people.”

The Mass at the intersection of International Street and Nelson capped a two-day experience of the border region for bishops from as far away as Atlanta and Guatemala. Beginning with a Mass the day before at San Xavier del Bac Mission outside Tucson, which dates from when the entire region was part of Mexico, the bishops then walked along rough desert paths used by migrants.

Crawling under strands of barbed wire, scrunching low to walk through a culvert beneath a road, dodging cactus and sticker bushes, the group came upon empty water bottles, backpacks and other belongings abandoned by the migrants who cross the hilly, rocky terrain as they try to get past the various security measures and agents used by the Border Patrol to try to stop illegal immigration.

Then the group met with the Border Patrol at their regional headquarters, before crossing into Mexico to serve dinner at a church-sponsored “comedor,” or soup kitchen. The “comedor” serves people who have been deported or who are figuring out whether they want to try to sneak into the United States.

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At border Mass, bishops call for compassion, immigration reform

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From Occupy Houston

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Occupy Houston activists demand FBI release assassination plot details We want to take a moment to thank everyone for your concerns regarding information released about the FBIs knowledge of assassination plans that targeted key participants in our movement. These plots involved the execution of members of Occupy Houston through coordinated sniper fire.

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From Occupy Houston

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