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A Manifesto for the Liberal Wing of the Gay Equality Movement

Fifty-eight signatories argued that punishing same-sex-marriage opponents constitutes “a betrayal of the movements deepest and most humane values.”


Almost 60 prominent supporters of same-sex marriage published a statement Tuesday titled, “Freedom to Marry, Freedom to Dissent: Why We Must Have Both.” The signatories include gays and straights who’ve labored for years to secure marriage equality and who regard a liberal approach to public discourse as core to their success. Hence their concern that”recent events, including the resignation of the CEO of Mozilla under pressure because of an anti-same-sex- marriage donation he made in 2008, signal an eagerness by some supporters of same-sex marriage to punish rather than to criticize or to persuade those who disagree.”

The statement declares that ascendant impulse “deeply illiberal … wrong in principle and poor as politics,” and argues that it is a betrayal of the gay equality movement:

Sustaining a liberal society demands a culture that welcomes robust debate, vigorous political advocacy, and a decent respect for differing opinions. People must be allowed to be wrong in order to continually test what is right. We should criticize opposing views, not punish or suppress them. The freedomnot just legal but socialto express even very unpopular views is the engine that propelled the gay-rights movement from its birth against almost hopeless odds two generations ago. A culture of free speech created the social space for us to criticize and demolish the arguments against gay marriage and LGBT equality. For us and our advocates to turn against that culture now would be a betrayal of the movements deepest and most humane values.

Acknowledging that opposition to gay marriage can be expressed hatefully, the statement argues that it can also be expressed respectfully, andis not, itself, harm or hate. “We strongly believe that opposition to same-sex marriage is wrong, but the consequence of holding a wrong opinion should not be the loss of a job,” it notes. “Inflicting such consequences on others is sadly ironic in light of our movements hard-won victory over a social order in which LGBT people were fired, harassed, and socially marginalized for holding unorthodox opinions.”

For a contrary view, see J. Bryan Lowder, who argues at Slate that gays participating in the fight for equality “reserve the right to use the recent miracle of gradually improving public and corporate opinion to get a little nonviolent justice, even a little retributive succor, when we can. Alls fair in love and war, and until our love is no longer the subject of debate, reasonable or otherwise, this war isnt over.”

Readers who’ve followed my recent series of posts on this subject know that I align with the 58 signatories. Beyond the substantive arguments they make, their effort is noteworthy insofar as it refutes the subset of conservatives who’ve caricatured the whole gay-rights movement as illiberal in the wake of the Eich resignation, as well as the subset of progressive gay-rights supporters who misleadingly write as if gays and their allies largely agree that punishing of gay-marriage opponents is desirable. In fact, opinion on this subject is extraordinarily diverse, and it wouldn’t surprise me if the statement above reflects the values of a majority of gay-marriage proponents as well as a majority of gays.

The whole statement and its signatories ishere. (And if it needs to be said, we’re talking liberal in the “small-l” sense. These folks vary in their American spectrum affiliations.)

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A Manifesto for the Liberal Wing of the Gay Equality Movement

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Max Keiser 1st pumps silver, now he pumps bitcoin. – Video

Max Keiser 1st pumps silver, now he pumps bitcoin.

By: Alex Gate


Max Keiser 1st pumps silver, now he pumps bitcoin. – Video

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Welby softens tone on gay marriage

Justin Welby says when gay marriage is legalised on Saturday, church should show 'the love of Christ for every human being' The Archbishop of Canterbury has signalled that the Church of England will mount no more resistance to gay marriage among churchgoers. Gay marriage will be legalised from Saturday with dozens of ceremonies planned around the country for one minute past midnight. This …

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Welby softens tone on gay marriage

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SATURDAYS CHILD: Midnight lace, rubber

IN TRINIDAD PEOPLE BURN TYRES, one went on a hunger strike, others chant in stirring rhythm their frustration, and generally a good time is had by all despite some episodes of sheer desperation or the promises by trade union leaders that better days are coming.

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SATURDAYS CHILD: Midnight lace, rubber

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Star power, foreign policy do not mix

Washington Feted actress Scarlett Johansson is denounced as the ''poster girl of Israeli apartheid,'' Dennis Rodman enters rehab after leaving North Korea, Kim Kardashian is the butt of jokes for tweeting her love of Bahrain. When celebrities wander into complex foreign policy issues, it can be a minefield, leaving diplomats and human rights campaigners scrambling for damage control. To be …


Star power, foreign policy do not mix

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MANDRYK: Trudeau Senate ploy won't fly

The kindest thing one can say about Liberal leader Justin Trudeau’s Senate reform initiative is that change has to start somewhere.

As is the case in the revolt by Conservative federal caucus backbenchers, any suggested improvement to our ailing parliamentary democracy should be encouraged. After all, is Saskatoon Humboldt MP Brad Trost’s motion for “electronic” petitions – a move that would allow average Canadians to have a direct say on which issues MPs debate – a bad thing? Even if special interests like the anti-abortionists that Trost supports would be able to occasionally hijack a parliamentary debate, is that so bad? Democracy is always a bit messy.

Similarly, no one should suggest that separating the partisan Liberals hacks in the Senate from the partisan Liberal MPs in House of Commons (who may very well be hacks too, but at least at the decency to run for office and get elected) is a bad thing, either. And if this was simply limited to Trudeau’s decision to “boot” his senators from the caucus as an opening salvo to end Senate partisanship, it would be a good first step.

But what Trudeau is doing hardly fits the criteria of political altruism – giving up something of value for the love of democratic fairness. Instead, it’s seems to be pretty much as Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his designated Conservative attack dog Pierre Poilievre described it – a clumsy, preemptive attempt to distance the Liberal caucus from the pending Liberal senators’ expenses mess that Auditor General Michael Ferguson might soon unveil.

The first problem with what Trudeau proposes is that it’s unlikely to go beyond what it now is – a meaningless and insincere gesture.

Were he actually the prime minister kicking senators out of caucus and demanding they actually do their jobs of applying non-partisan, sober-second thought to the laws of our land, it would obviously mean more. But Trudeau is a third-party leader whose power is limited what he did – telling his Liberal senators to go play elsewhere for now. He hasn’t given up anything.

These new “Senate Liberals” (as opposed to Liberal senators) will still hold their partisan views, still likely campaign for the party that appointed them and will evidently still function as a “Liberal” caucus in the Senate with a leader and a party whip. If you are truly independent, why do you need a whip to tell you how to vote? Really, what has now changed for the Liberals other than the fact their senators now have one less caucus meeting each week?

Admittedly, there is a bit of validity in the Liberal talking points that suggest Trudeau (who cannot actually fire the existing Liberal senators from their jobs) is simply doing, for now, what he can do in the name of democratic reform. If and when he becomes prime minister, he will be able to distance politics from Senate appointments by handing the task over to some non-partisan committee. But won’t we still have nonelected people overseeing our laws? And who is to say that nonpartisans will not get appointed under the new system?

Besides the little matter of whether Trudeau will ever become prime minister, will he follow through? Opposition leaders often don’t. See: Stephen Harper, who once vowed not to appoint senators and has now appointed more than any other prime minister. Given past Liberal government history of exceedingly partisan appointments – one of its last Saskatchewan Senate appointments was Tony Merchant’s wife, Pana Merchant, for heaven’s sake – should we really take Trudeau’s commitment seriously?

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MANDRYK: Trudeau Senate ploy won't fly

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Footage reveals Tiger Moth’s wing failure

Jimmy was flying a 21-year-old French woman in a Tiger Moth when the biplane crashed killing them both.

Alex ‘Jimmy’ Rae. Pic: Supplied Source: Supplied

THE boss of the company that owned the Tiger Moth that crashed and killed two people says pilot error was “definitely not” the cause of the fatal joy ride, with new footage emerging revealing the left wing snapping off before the plane pierced the water.

Geoff Stillman, of Tiger Moth Joy Rides at Pimpama, says pilot Alex ‘Jimmy’ Rae, killed in the accident, was not responsible for the crash.

The footage shows victims Mr Rae and passenger Taissia Umenc’s last seconds alive before the plane crashed into the ocean off South Stradbroke more than a week ago.

New information from the Australian Transport Safety Bureau reveals the left wings on the Tiger Moth had “failed”.





The rest is here:

Footage reveals Tiger Moth’s wing failure

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Welcome to Susquehanna Bank

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Feel The Hate: The Banned Video | Max Blumenthal

Feeling the Love in Jerusalem from Joseph Dana on Vimeo. See the video banned by YouTube, Vimeo and the Huffington Post.

More here:

Feel The Hate: The Banned Video | Max Blumenthal

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Gov. Tom Corbett: Gay marriage is like marriage of siblings

HARRISBURG, Pa. — Republican Gov. Tom Corbett compared the marriage of same-sex couples to the marriage of a brother and sister during an appearance on a Friday morning TV news show.

The Pennsylvania governor was on WHP-TV in Harrisburg speaking about gay marriage when an anchor asked about a statement his lawyers made in a recent court filing, comparing the marriage of gay couples to the marriage of children because neither can legally wed in the state.

“It was an inappropriate analogy, you know,” Corbett said. “I think a much better analogy would have been brother and sister, don’t you?”

Corbett, a former federal prosecutor and two-term state attorney general, also said he does not think a pending legal challenge to Pennsylvania’s ban on same-sex marriage belongs in federal court.

“The Supreme Court left it up to the states to determine under their laws as to what is and isn’t a marriage,” Corbett said. “The federal court shouldn’t even be involved in this. But if they say they are, then they’re going to make a determination whether the state has the right to determine that a marriage is only between a man and a woman and not between two individuals of the same sex.”

Mark Aronchick, a lawyer for the plaintiffs in that case, called Corbett’s remarks “insensitive, insulting and plainly wrong.”

“In other words, some kind of incestuous relationship,” Aronchick said. “He’s just out of touch on this one. Gay people marry for the same reasons straight people do – to express their love and to declare their commitment before friends and family.”

A Corbett spokesman offered no immediate comment Friday morning.

Ted Martin with Equality Pennsylvania, which advocates on behalf of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people, called the governor’s remarks “shocking and hurtful” and asked him to apologize.

Corbett’s attorneys in August included a reference to children in a legal brief involving same-sex couples seeking marriage licenses. In the court filing opposing allowing same-sex couples to intervene in the state’s lawsuit to bar a suburban Philadelphia county from issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples, the lawyers made an analogy to a pair of 12-year-olds, saying if the children were issued a marriage license and tried to defend it in court, they wouldn’t be taken seriously because the license was never valid.

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Gov. Tom Corbett: Gay marriage is like marriage of siblings

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