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Sound in print

Marshall Mcluhan, the Canadian professor of Mass Communication, in his work Understanding Media gave various meanings to sound, visual and print media. He stated that though each medium has its own strength limits and weaknesses they tend to meet at a certain point in development.

Radio broadcasting accordingly has its own strengths and limitations s it traced a long way via electronics. Today, the radio broadcasting is not known by that term instead just denoted by sound broadcasting or sound narrow casting. It has its limits with print as well as visual media.

Sound broadcasting depends to a wide extent on print as a result of the information sources. The vice versa too is extant as the source material that is disseminated via sound media too come to be printed in some form. As such sound and print are interlinked.

In the initial stages the BBC experimented the printing of broadcast material to restore the knowledge thus disseminated. The birth of the weekly periodical termed as The Listener is a result of the same. Most countries which had commonwealth relations followed suit.

The Listener not only restored the wealth of the broadcast material but also opened up new directions in the rediscovery of literary and cultural trends paving the way to a strong link in broadcast publications of the plays, talks and radio features.

Following the trail of the BBCs The Listener, the local broadcasting authorities in the formative stages of broadcasting brought out a Sinhala journal titled as Tarangani which means waves. This means to store the broadcast material such as plays, lyrics, poems, features and talks.

The local broadcasting, or sound broadcasting patterns, changed over the years. Commercial broadcasting and FM broadcasting entered paving the way for many challenges. The broadcast material too underwent changes as a result of the growth of the print media via journalism and publications.

Over the years, nevertheless, an effort has been maintained to bring out a periodical for the local listener linked to Radio and TV. As a result, though Tharangani came to a stop, several other periodicals entered the market. The one in current circulation is titled as Handa (The Sound) which has, to the credit of the SLBC authorities, sustained for the last three years bringing out more than 12 issues.

Handa is edited by Tilakaratne Kuruvitabandara and printed with a particular ideology and purpose. This being the clear-cut policy of maintaining a periodical meant for sound broadcasting. Those listeners as well as recipients of other media such as television and popular culture cinematography may find a wealth of source material linked to the discovery of the world of communities.

The current issue of Handa is meant to give a panoramic view of broadcasting which has completed 87 years of the way amid other challenges. Thus the editor envelops a major share of the reading material to the trends in music.

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Sound in print

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Occupy Wall Street reunion in south Florida calls for …

Tents at Occupy Miami (Fight Back! News/Staff) Miami, FL More than 30 south Florida activists gathered April 13 at the Margaret Pace Park. Occupy Miami, part of the Occupy Wall Street movement, organized a reunion for Occupiers and invited other local organizers to take part in discussions. The Occupy movement inspired many to join the fight for justice and many Miami Occupiers continue to organize

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Occupy Wall Street reunion in south Florida calls for …

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2nd District candidate runs as social liberal

SOUTH BEND As a candidate for Congress, Douglas Carpenter is counting on his local connections and liberal views on issues such as abortion and immigration reform to woo Democratic voters.

The 52-year-old South Bend man, a graduate of Penn High School and the American University of the Caribbean, is seeking the Democratic nomination in the 2nd District, which includes much of north-central Indiana.

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2nd District candidate runs as social liberal

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Jacksonville only Florida city allowing Uber app to connect riders, limo drivers

They dont own any cars and they dont occupy a building where people can knock on their door, but if people have a smart phone and a credit card they can hire a luxury sedan. The so-called Uber application is changing the landscape for car services around the world but for now Jacksonville is the only city in Florida that allows them to operate. A bill in the state legislature (SB-1618) is trying to rewrite the rules to allow the smart phone application to exist in more Florida cities but it is running into opposition in places like Miami-Dade and Hillsborough counties.

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Jacksonville only Florida city allowing Uber app to connect riders, limo drivers

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What is the liberal view of politics? – Yahoo

I don’t know of any Websites that would clear up their perspective, but some simple analysis might be helpful.

There are two directions in politics: Left vs. Right.

The further left you go, the more powerful the Government becomes. The further right you go, the more control the individual has over his own life.

After you boil down liberal ideas, the end result is taking more money from individuals and using it to expand Government. They believe the Government is the answer to most of our problems, when in fact it’s Government that causes most of our problems.

All Governments seek to increase their power. (via taxes and new laws) (not all taxes or laws are bad,)

Governments use power to gain more power. Governments NEVER give up power.

Want proof…? The Constitution (4th amendment) has been expanded by the Liberal segment of the Supreme Court. Imminent Domain has been txpanded to allow seizure of private property for Nongovernment uses. Before, the Local Government could take you land to expand a road or something…. this is necessary as towns grow. But now… a land developer can get permission from your local Government to seize you land for increased taxation and personal gain.

Last month the same Liberals tried to userp the second Amendment… 4 out of 5, tried their best to take this right. It’s not a matter of wether you like guns or not… it’s a matter of your rights. If they can take these rights, what rights can they not take?

Warm regards, Douglas

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What is the liberal view of politics? – Yahoo

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Stop & Shop – Official Site


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Plan ahead and see whats on sale at your local Stop & Shop in this weeks circular.

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Stop & Shop – Official Site

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Cash-strapped Hamas turns to e-bullets – NBC40.net

By IBRAHIM BARZAK Associated Press

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip (AP) – In a long hallway that looks more like a videogame arcade than a military base, Hamas security forces are holding target practice using assault rifles fitted with lasers – all without firing a bullet.

For the cash-strapped Hamas government, the system is a much-needed money saver that eliminates the need to train with live ammunition, which is in short supply in Gaza. Hamas also says the quiet, indoor facility is less likely to attract the attention of the Israeli military than the open-air firing ranges that are frequently targeted in airstrikes.

“Our training centers are targeted all the time by the occupation, so we have a closed-door shooting range that is hidden from the occupation,” said Abdallah Karmot, the deputy director of training at Hamas’ Interior Ministry, which oversees security in the seaside strip of land. “We also save money and the time it takes to move officers to training camps for live shooting.”

Karmot said Hamas developed the electronic shooting range with homegrown technology. The modified Kalashnikovs, powered by software developed by Hamas programmers, fire green laser beams at their targets, which mimic the sound of real rifle fire when there is a direct hit.

The move indoors is the latest sign of the deep financial crisis plaguing Hamas, which is suffering its worst money woes and ammunition shortage since taking power. Israel and Egypt have maintained a blockade of the seaside strip since Hamas seized power from the rival forces of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in 2007.

Israel considers Hamas a terrorist organization responsible for killing hundreds of Israelis in suicide bombings and other attacks. Israel and Hamas have engaged in heavy fighting over the years, most recently an eight-day battle in 2012 in which Hamas fired hundreds of rockets into Israel.

Under the blockade, Egypt looked the other way for years as cement, fuel and weapons were smuggled into Gaza through a network of tunnels running under the border with Egypt.

That changed last summer after the Egyptian military overthrew the country’s Islamist president, Mohammed Morsi. Egypt’s new military government cracked down on Hamas, the local offshoot of Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood movement, and destroyed nearly all of the tunnels. With the tunnels out of operation, Hamas lost a key source of tax revenue and a main conduit for weapons.

“Due to the Egyptian crackdown on the tunnels, we can talk about some sort of arms crisis facing all the armed groups in Gaza, as well as the security forces that used smuggled supplies in the past,” said Adnan Abu Amer, an expert on Palestinian militant groups at Gaza’s Al Ummah University.

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Cash-strapped Hamas turns to e-bullets – NBC40.net

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Gentrification Watch: New Rentals May Occupy Almost a Whole Block in the Mission

Thursday, April 10, 2014, by Tracy Elsen 276 new rental apartments in a building occupying three-quarters of a block on Bryant Street may be on their way to the Mission.

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Gentrification Watch: New Rentals May Occupy Almost a Whole Block in the Mission

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La Cima housing development touted as Live-Work-Play

A Live-Work-Play community is coming to San Marcos at the intersection of Ranch Road (RR) 12 and Wonder World Drive. La Cima, a 2,050-acre project anchored by up to 800 acres of greenspace, will preserve habitat land and will represent a significant addition to the Hays County park system. The project is being led by La Cima Developers, a local firm with long ties to Hays County and the San Marcos community.

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La Cima housing development touted as Live-Work-Play

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Gay marriage in Little Rock 40 years ago

Throwback Thursday Gay marriage in Little Rock 40 years ago Posted by Lindsey Millar on Thu, Mar 27, 2014 at 4:45 PM For Throwback Thursday, here’sa wide-eyed, occasionally cringeworthy profile of a gay couplein Hillcrest from 1974, our first year inpublication. There was a party in Little Rock Saturday night for a couple celebrating their fifteenth anniversary. They are buying a house on Kavanaugh Boulevard, where they live in middleclass comfort and nurture the fragile organism known as a happy marriage. They are both men.

The enduring homosexual relationship usually is thought to be a rarity, but the couple on Kavanaugh said they know of twenty to twenty-five gay relationships of long standing in Little Rock.

Perhaps it is because their lives lack the glitter of the drag crowd or the blatancy of the militants that the gay married have remained comparatively anonymous while homosexuality itself has been gaining public attention and a degree of acceptance. All that effectively sets this middle-aged couple apart from others is that they are of the same sex. Their house is ornately but tastefully decorated. Each has a life insurance policy naming the other as beneficiary. Each works hard, attends church regularly and supports the local police. Their social altitudes are conservative enough to approach a gay puritan ethic.

Roy and David, both in their forties, devote considerable effort to their jobs and to their relationship. They regard their success as the reward of hard work. “We have stayed at home and worked and have been able to accomplish and acquire some things,” David said.

Although Roy and David think of themselves as being married, their relationship has not been formalized in a ceremony. “We’ve never felt any need to,” Roy said. “We know how we feel about each other and that’s all that’s important.”

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Gay marriage in Little Rock 40 years ago

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