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Triumvirate have similar views on state

April 18, 2014, 7:11 a.m.

As shell-shocked Liberal MPs struggled to accept the sudden resignation of Barry O’Farrell on Thursday, talk turned to how new Premier Mike Baird would work with his federal colleagues.

As shell-shocked Liberal MPs struggled to accept the sudden resignation of Barry O’Farrell on Thursday, talk turned to how new Premier Mike Baird would work with his federal colleagues.

Baird holds the state seat of Manly, which sits within Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s federal seat of Warringah. The pair are both surfers they’ve actually surfed together and are family men with a strong Christian faith (Abbott trained to be a priest; Baird hoped to become a missionary).

In Baird, Abbott and federal Treasurer Joe Hockey have a political soul mate who could help them realise their plans to rebuild NSW.

The 56-year-old Abbott has worked in the cut and thrust of politics since the early 1990s, when he served as press secretary to former opposition leader John Hewson.

In comparison, Baird, 44, is a relatively recent arrival on the political stage, having been elected only in 2007. But the former HSBC executive has been in and around politics for much of his life his father Bruce served in the state and then federal parliaments from 1984 to 2007. And it was against his father’s advice that he entered public life.

Liberal insiders rushed to emphasise the strength of the relationship between Abbott and Baird on Thursday. And the new Premier’s elevation is a chance for the relationship between the federal and state governments to be reset.

Abbott and O’Farrell were not always on the same political page, including when O’Farrell ensured NSW was the first state to sign up to the former Gillard government’s Gonski reforms.

Baird’s political leanings are in line with those of Hockey. The 49-year-old Hockey is said to be delighted with Baird’s appointment, as well as that of his deputy Gladys Berejiklian, with whom Hockey is particularly close.

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Triumvirate have similar views on state

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Why Gladys could not be premier

Video will begin in 5 seconds.

Government whip Jai Rowell confirms that Mike Baird has been elected NSW Premier and Gladys Berejiklian Deputy Premier.

Factional warring threatened to break out within the NSW Liberal Party if Transport Minister Gladys Berejiklian, a warrior of the party’s left-wing, became premier.

Just as Barry O’Farrell knew he risked being undermined by the right wing of his party if he stood as opposition leader after the resignation of Liberal Party leader John Brogden in 2005, Berejiklian stepped aside for the sake of party unity.

She formed a “unity ticket” with Treasurer Mike Baird, making way for him to be elected as premier unopposed.

Made way: Gladys Berejiklian chose not to run against Mike Baird to be NSW premier. Photo: Britta Campion

While Mr Baird is said to be philosophically aligned with Berejiklian’s faction, known as the moderates, he is also supported by the right wing of the party. The right wing views Baird as a successful Treasurer, having maintained the state’s triple A credit rating. He is conservative in his economics, has a strong Christian faith, but is also progressive in social views on issues such as the treatment of asylum seekers.


The right wing of the Liberal Party is split into three sub-factions. The soft right is understood to include Wollondilly MP Jai Rowell and upper house MP Matthew Mason-Cox. The centre right is said to include Baulkham Hills MP David Elliott, Hawkesbury MP Ray Williams, Family and Community Services Minister Pru Goward and Charlestown MP Andrew Cornwell. The so-called hard right, or “religious right”, is understood to include Energy and Resources Minister Anthony Roberts, Castle Hill MP Dominic Perrottet, upper house MP David Clarke, Attorney General Greg Smith, upper house MP Marie Ficarra and former Energy and Resources Minister Chris Hartcher.

The dominant left-wing faction, the moderates, is understood to include upper house MP Don Harwin, Transport Minister Gladys Berejiklian, Hornsby MP Matt Kean and Londonderry MP Bart Bassett. Mr O’Farrell was independent, but loosely associated with the moderates, which gave him its strong support.

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Why Gladys could not be premier

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Labour-Lib Dem coalition possible after 2015 election, says Chris Huhne

Former cabinet minister, writing in Juncture magazine, suggests a 'little less tribalism' could ease 'any issue of personal chemistry' A historic radical coalition of Labour and Liberal Democrats is possible after the 2015 election if the two parties can forgo their tribalism and look for common ground, Chris Huhne, the former Liberal Democrat cabinet minister suggests. He says: "The assumption …

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Labour-Lib Dem coalition possible after 2015 election, says Chris Huhne

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Liberal and Conservative views on Education ? – Yahoo! Answers

Conservative: The failure of the student is blamed on the teacher, despite the fact that the teacher has constructed a great lesson plan, and the student is too busy texting or iPoding to bother with paying attention. So, let’s privatize education! Oh, wait, you mean that poor people can’t afford that? Okay, how about we base teacher pay off of test scores! Yeah! Oh, you mean that less people will want to teach, and those that do will just have their students cheat, or teach to the test, and the students will never learn anything. Oh, and conservatives don’t like facts being taught. They call it “indoctrination” and “propaganda”.

Liberal: Rightly blame the parents for not teaching their children discipline, and teach only the facts, and leave politics out of the lesson, unless it’s high school, and everyone can think for him/herself, in which case debates would be healthy.

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Liberal and Conservative views on Education ? – Yahoo! Answers

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What is the liberal view of politics? – Yahoo

I don’t know of any Websites that would clear up their perspective, but some simple analysis might be helpful.

There are two directions in politics: Left vs. Right.

The further left you go, the more powerful the Government becomes. The further right you go, the more control the individual has over his own life.

After you boil down liberal ideas, the end result is taking more money from individuals and using it to expand Government. They believe the Government is the answer to most of our problems, when in fact it’s Government that causes most of our problems.

All Governments seek to increase their power. (via taxes and new laws) (not all taxes or laws are bad,)

Governments use power to gain more power. Governments NEVER give up power.

Want proof…? The Constitution (4th amendment) has been expanded by the Liberal segment of the Supreme Court. Imminent Domain has been txpanded to allow seizure of private property for Nongovernment uses. Before, the Local Government could take you land to expand a road or something…. this is necessary as towns grow. But now… a land developer can get permission from your local Government to seize you land for increased taxation and personal gain.

Last month the same Liberals tried to userp the second Amendment… 4 out of 5, tried their best to take this right. It’s not a matter of wether you like guns or not… it’s a matter of your rights. If they can take these rights, what rights can they not take?

Warm regards, Douglas

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What is the liberal view of politics? – Yahoo

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Max Blumenthal | The Electronic Intifada

Submitted by Nora Barrows-Fr… on Wed, 03/12/2014 – 22:03

Northeastern University administration banned Students for Justice in Palestine and launched a police investigation after members distributed flyers critical of Israel on campus.

Submitted by Ali Abunimah on Wed, 03/12/2014 – 13:34

Palestine solidarity activists are facing harsh censorship and retribution on at least two US campuses during Israeli Apartheid Week.

Submitted by Benjamin Doherty on Fri, 11/08/2013 – 18:16

Founder of Israel army-linked PR firm calls Goliath a brilliant new novel while confirming the facts about Israeli massacres that it reports.

Rod Such

4 November 2013

Liberal Zionists in uproar over bestselling authors authoritative tome but mainstream media prefer to ignore it.

Submitted by Nora Barrows-Fr… on Thu, 10/31/2013 – 22:27

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Max Blumenthal | The Electronic Intifada

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Jeremy Browne: Lib Dems have become 'timid' party of protest

Mr Browne was speaking ahead of the publication of his new book, Race Plan, in which he says that Britain needs a dose of “unbridled, unambiguous, authentic liberalism” if it to win the “global race”.

Mr Browne was sacked by Mr Clegg last year amid concerns he had failed to do enough to “differentiate” the Liberal Democrats from the Tories.

However, he argues that under Mr Clegg the Lib Dems lack self-confidence.

He said: “Our lack of self confidence and our willingness to be defined as being a party of timid centrists rather than bold liberals means people look at us and may be reassured that we will be a brake on the other two, but that’s hardly a reason to vote for us.

“Nick Clegg took a risk to take us from being party of protest to party of government, but we look like we’ve turned into a party of protest in government.

“We are the diluting agent. The party shows resilience and fortitude given the battering we have had. But we have defaulted instead to trying to cause the least offence to the most people. We have sold ourselves as a brake in government rather than an accelerator.

“I am certain in my own mind that authentic, unleashed, liberalism is what Britain needs. The problem my party has is we lack the confidence to champion that, despite having liberal in our title. That contributes to our chronic weakness in the eyes of the public who are uncertain what we stand for.”

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Jeremy Browne: Lib Dems have become 'timid' party of protest

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Wales Welsh Liberal Democrats News

about 2 hours ago Welsh Liberal Democrat conference

Welsh Labour has attacked the Welsh Liberal Democrats ahead of a speech in which the party’s leader Kirsty Williams is expected to criticise the First Minister for his oversight of public services in Wales. A Labour spokesperson said,

Nick Clegg’s Liberal Democrats are a growing irrelevance in Wales. They are shouting louder and louder to try and fill smaller and emptier conference halls.

If Kirsty Williams wanted to make Liberals relevant again she could start by demanding an end to the Tory war on Wales. Instead the Libs seem to be saddling up alongside Westminster coalition partners to denigrate the public sector in Wales, using the same bogus arguments and dodgy statistics for political gain. And they have failed miserably to support Wales on rail electrification.

Welsh Liberal Democrat delegates discuss conference issues with Political Editor Adrian Masters. Jane Dodds is the party’s parliamentary candidate for 2015 in Montgomeryshire. Alec Dauncey is the Lib Dems’ lead candidate in May’s European Parliament election.

Welsh Liberal Democrat leader Kirsty Williams is expected to say that only her party is defending Britain’s membership of the European Union. She’ll use a slogan quoted repeatedly during the Welsh Lib Dem conference, saying ‘we are the only party of IN.’

With the European Parliamentary election just six weeks away, Lib Dem leaders have accused the other parties of failing to stand up to the UKIP challenge. In her speech to the Welsh Liberal Democrat conference, Kirsty Williams will join the attacks.

There is simply no point in voting Labour in the European elections, they are too scared to have a voice on Europe and squandered billions of EU funds.

The Tories are a mess. Cameron continues to pander to Euro-skeptics and to UKIP.

And then of course, there is Plaid Cymru who want to have their cake and eat it. They cannot credibly call for Welsh independence yet proclaim they stand for Europe.

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Wales Welsh Liberal Democrats News

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Looking for something to do? Community Calendar of local events

Send your community event announcements to observernews@hcnonline.com

Liberal Ladies Who Lunch has come to the Lake Houston Area. According to the group description on their Facebook page, the Liberal Ladies Who Lunch is a social organization dedicated to helping liberal women find one another in areas of the country where their liberal views are not respected. Our intention is to educate, support and have fun. When several local liberal women discovered this group, they agreed it seemed tailor made for the Lake Houston area and began plans to start a local chapter. The monthly lunch has been enthusiastically embraced by an ever-growing number of local women seeking liberal-minded friends and conversation. This concept of empowering women to speak up about and act out their liberal values is gaining popularity with chapters now all across Texas.

The LLWL of Lake Houston meet the second Wednesday of each month at the Union Kitchen, 23918 Hwy 59 N. To learn more about this new group in our area or to find another chapter of Liberal Ladies Who Lunch go to meetup.com and Facebook. All liberal ladies are welcome to join in the fun!

Kingwood Branch Library is offering two workshops in April in conjunction with its second annual Altered Books Contest.

Wednesday, April 9, 4-6 p.m.: Found Poetry. Registration required. Learn to make found or blackout poetry using pages of an old book and other materials.

Wednesday, April 23, 4-6 p.m.: DIY Journal. Registration required. Convert an old book into a journal for scrapbooking and writing.

Both programs are free and open to all ages. Children ages 11 and under must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Supplies are provided courtesy of FOLK. To register or for more information, please call 281-360-6804 or visit 4400 Bens View Lane, Kingwood TX 77339.

Newcomers of all skill levels are welcome at the American Needlepoint Guild Lake Houston Chapter meeting on April 10 at 6:45 p.m. at Chevron Phillips Chemical Co. conference room, 1826 Kingwood Drive at Ladbrook. For more information, call 281-359-4341 or visit www.lakehoustonang.com or www.needlepoint.org.

Roman Forest Special Events Committee is hosting a Spring Craft Show from 9 a.m. 3 p.m. Saturday, April 12, at Roman Forest City Park. For booth rental information and application, contact Christie Hantelman at 281-744-7237 or email chantelman3619@yahoo.com. All booth rental fees benefit the 2014 July 4th Fireworks Extravaganza held in Roman Forest. This year the committee is also seeking corporate sponsorship and has several levels to select from. If interested, please contact Chari Ricks at 281-306-1065.

On April 14, at 7 p.m. Lake Houston Gardeners will welcome Gudrun Opperman who will present Know Your Weeds. Opperman will change attendees attitudes toward weeds as they learn the names and habits to better understand what to do about them. The meeting will be held at the Good Shepherd Episcopal Church, located at 2929 Woodland Hills in Kingwood. Refreshments will be served and admission is free. Each meeting ends with a plant exchange.

Follow this link:

Looking for something to do? Community Calendar of local events

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VIDEO: Farage and Clegg have 'extreme views'

Prime Minister David Cameron says a televised debate on Europe between UKIP's Nigel Farage and Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg revealed ''quite extreme views''.

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VIDEO: Farage and Clegg have 'extreme views'

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