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VIDEO: Kremlin-funded Russia Today presenter uses show to tell Putin he's WRONG on Ukraine

HONEST: Abby Martin used her programme to denounce the actions of her paymasters in the Kremlin [YOUTUBE]

US-based Abby Martin stared into the camera in a 90-second monologue at the end of yesterday’s show, Breaking the Set.

She said she “wanted to say something from my heart about the ongoing political crisis in Ukraine and Russia’s military occupation of Crimea.”

Although she admitted her knowledge of the history and subtle political dynamics of the Ukraine and the Crimea that are so crucial to the debate over Moscows intervention were not as great as they could be, she nevertheless declared President Putin wrong.

Russia Today, or RT, is the Kremlins answer to the BBC World Service.

Seen as an arm of soft foreign policy, it is funded by the Russia government, in the same way the BBC World Service was financed by the Foreign Office.

What Russia did is wrong

Abby Martin

It has become one of the most popular news channels around the world, including in the US where RT Americas viewing figures are second only to the BBC News channel among foreign news broadcasters.

It has been running since 2005 and broadcasts to 100 countries, and its YouTube channel has a huge audience.

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VIDEO: Kremlin-funded Russia Today presenter uses show to tell Putin he's WRONG on Ukraine

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New airport cargo facilities scarce: Chicago and Miami projects dominate recent construction

Construction will begin this year on a major new cargo facility at Chicagos OHare Airport. Last year, a nearly-as-huge facility leased by Centurion Air Cargo opened at Miami International Airport

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New airport cargo facilities scarce: Chicago and Miami projects dominate recent construction

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Extra credits serve a purpose

Written by: Michael Huggins on October 18, 2012.

Time spent taking classes outside of your major provide more rounded world view

Eureka. It only took me half of my twenties, but I finally figured it out. I discovered the secret literally hidden in cloaks and hoods for centuries. Am I to be hunted? Are they going to find me? What should I do? What would Jack Bauer do?

What is this grand master plan? Its not a cover-up jointly funded by the Koch brothers and George Soros, nor is it talked about at Bilderberg. It is much deeper than that, deeper than the Main Injector Neutrino Oscillation Search facility.

I found out the mystery of why I have to take 30 plus credits of classes that arent related to the chemistry courses that make up my major. What? No way, you might say. Hold on to your biscuits, you are about to be slammed with some truth.

It is to find a hobby.

I have been trained for many years now in the arts of creative discovery, problem solving and making the world better through science. I have learned to use instrumentation and make scientific advances to further our knowledge for future generations. But that is just going to be my future day job.

We are made and remembered not by what we do at work, but what we do at home in our free time. Obviously.

When Einstein had a tough problem to solve or when he was between Scylla and Charybdis, was he at his desk doing work stuff? No, he played the violin or went on a long walk. How can that be? Does playing the violin help with solving problems? If thats the case, then the big question for the Chair of the Department of Chemistry is: When in quantum chemistry class do I learn how to play the violin?

In every class I learned to be a better, more rounded person. This is a good thing.

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Extra credits serve a purpose

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Richard White: Can associations ban drying of clothes on balconies?

Q. Can the condominium association ban drying of clothes on a rack on our balconies?

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Richard White: Can associations ban drying of clothes on balconies?

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Thai Protesters will Hold Pre-Occupy Bangkok March

Jan 9 2014 Irina Shayk Joins Patrick Dempsey in Sacoor Brothers New Campaign ,MENAFN Press (MENAFN Press) Irina Shayk joins Patrick Dempsey as the face of the new Sacoor Brothers’ campaign that signals the arrival of its spring-summer 2014 collection.

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Thai Protesters will Hold Pre-Occupy Bangkok March

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Christie vows action in ‘unacceptable’ bridge scandal

Mel Evans / AP New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie sits with students during a gathering at Colin Powell elementary school in Union City, N.J.

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Christie vows action in ‘unacceptable’ bridge scandal

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Indictment against aide taints Iraqi PM Maliki

BRUSSELS, Dec. 20 (UPI) — News that the Spanish courts have indicted Faleh al-Fayad, Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki’s top security adviser, for “offenses against international community,” is clear confirmation of Maliki’s role in these crimes against humanity.

Spanish courts have accused Fayad as the “person responsible for grave breaches of the Fourth Geneva Convention (GCIV) and First Additional Protocol committed as from May 2010 in the latter’s capacity as Chairman of the ‘Ashraf Committee’ attached to the office of Prime Minister al-Maliki, and in particular for his alleged involvement in the massacres of 8 April 2011 and 1 September 2013 of ‘protected persons’ under IV Geneva Convention residing in the city of Ashraf (Iraq), …. in conjunction with the reported offences of 35 murders and 337 cases of willful injury on 8 April 2011 and 52 murders and 7 abductions on 1 September 2013, along with torture and bodily harm to Ashraf residents.”

The order also states that “killings, injuries, noise bombardment, denial of food and healthcare — nothing can happen at Ashraf without the knowledge of the Committee members and in particular of Faleh al-Fayad. In the civil and military hierarchy he was the person in charge of the operation on 8 April 2011 under the orders of the Prime Minister, who is commander in chief of the Iraqi armed forces. In security matters throughout the country, including Ashraf, Faleh al-Fayad is the person in charge.”

The court decision says that on Sept. 1, “Iraqi military forces surrounding and occupying Ashraf permitted the cold-blooded massacre of 52 residents — of the roughly 100 residents who had not been forced to move to ‘Camp Liberty,’ all with protected person status under the Fourth Geneva Convention. A further seven ‘protected persons’ were abducted during this assault and have yet to be released and neither have the Iraqi authorities said where they are.”

This breakthrough indictment will come as a blow to Maliki, who has continued to lie and deny involvement in the series of massacres and abductions that have targeted the unarmed and defenseless refugees in camps Ashraf and Liberty.

The charges will also be an acute embarrassment to the U.S. State Department officials in Washington who, instead of holding the Iraqi prime minister to account, have accepted Maliki’s lies and lamely tried to provide cover for his crimes.

Maliki has, contrary to the Erbil Agreement signed shortly after the last Iraqi elections, retained control of all of the key Iraqi ministries of Defense, Internal Security, Intelligence Services, police, etc.

He cannot, therefore, deny responsibility for atrocities carried out, almost on a daily basis, by his military and intelligence networks, including the series of attacks on Ashraf and Liberty and the abduction on Sept. 1 of seven people, six of whom are women.

Sadly, many EU governments and even the European Union’s high representative for Foreign Affairs — Catherine Ashton — have taken their lead from the State Department and uttered pathetic comments about a lack of evidence to prove Maliki’s guilt. The Spanish court’s decision has blown such comments out of the water.

These charges by the Spanish courts open a new chapter, which may in due course lead directly to an indictment of Maliki himself.

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Indictment against aide taints Iraqi PM Maliki

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Liberal MP sorry for STD tweet about Pamela Anderson

CORNER BROOK, N.L. A Liberal MP in Newfoundland says he is sorry for intemperate comments he made on social media after actress Pamela Anderson and Sam Simon, co-creator of The Simpsons, visited his province offering fishermen money to stop hunting seals.

Gerry Byrne has posted an online apology to Anderson and Simon, who were in St. Johns, N.L., on Tuesday to offer $1 million to the Canadian Sealers Association to help bring an end to the commercial hunt.

According to a screen grab of his Twitter account, posted online by CBC, Byrne tweeted: Hey Pam, heres a thought. Take your million and donate it to…sexually transmitted disease prevention education. Good self-promotion.

Another message from his account referred to Anderson and Simon as a has been actor with an incurable STD and a guy dying of cancer.

Anderson was diagnosed with hepatitis C in 2001. Simons terminal cancer was detected through much of his body last year.

In the apology on his website, Byrne says his comments were the result of frustration, disappointment and anger after hearing comments about the seal hunt and those who conduct it by people opposed to the industry.

I truly regret, however, my reaction which I would describe as intemperate and unnecessary, he said.

To all whom I have offended in any way, including Ms. Anderson and Mr. Simon, I sincerely apologize and retract the statements I made on social media. Our strong differences regarding what I believe to be a humane and sustainable harvest of seals off the Canadian coastline and what others may see it as may remain but I apologize for stepping beyond that debate.

Byrne said he understands that hepatitis C is contracted through sexual activity on relatively rare occasions and treatments are available for people living with the disease.

With this knowledge, I should have assisted in fostering the proper context of this illness and reaffirmed that those who suffer from this affliction should not be stigmatized, he said.

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Liberal MP sorry for STD tweet about Pamela Anderson

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Oakland’s administrator is finalist for Dallas job

Oakland City Administrator Deanna Santana showed last week that she is ready, willing and able to leave Oakland for greener pastures. On Friday, she confirmed that she is among five finalists for a city manager’s job in Dallas

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Oakland’s administrator is finalist for Dallas job

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6 January Transfer Moves Brendan Rodgers Must Consider for Liverpool

Centre-back is an area of the team which requires consistency, but so far this season Rodgers has failed to provide such stability. The boss has constantly shuffled his defence, switching from two centre-backs to three at the back, and never settling on a partnership

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6 January Transfer Moves Brendan Rodgers Must Consider for Liverpool

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