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First Watch to open restaurant in North Port

First Watch Restaurants will open a new location in North Port this summer. The Bradenton-based chain, known for its breakfast, brunch and lunch menu, will open its 42nd store in Florida at 17739 S. Tamiami Trail, in the Benderson Development-owned Cocoplum Village.

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First Watch to open restaurant in North Port

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Countergraffiti on already-defaced Workmens Circle wall

Photo by Julie Gruenbaum Fax

A new, expletive graffiti covering the words Free Palestine!!!! that had defaced a mural at the headquarters of Yiddish organization Workmens Circle, was discovered on the building on Friday morning, Feb. 7.

F— Palestine!!!! now appears on the on the building, which is located on Robertson Boulevard. Hershl Hartman, a member of the Workmens Circle district committee, said Friday that this new defacement proves that there are idiots on both sides [of the Israeli-Palestinian debate].

Steps would be taken soon to clean the mural, which appears on the south-facing wall of the building, Hartman said.

The defacement of the mural at 1525 S. Robertson Blvd. in the Pico-Robertson neighborhood was discovered on Feb. 6, with block letters covering the length of the wall-sized image.

The painted image itself titled, A shenere un besere velt, according to the Mural Conservancy of Los Angeles (a Yiddish phrase meaning, A more beautiful and better world) depicts cultural, biblical and historical imagery. The imagery includes a menorah, Israelites wandering in the desert, a young girl waving Israeli and American flags, and more.

Hartman said he will convene with the groups leadership to figure out how to respond to the latest incident, which he called extremism.

The organization reported the first incident on Feb. 6 to the LAPDs graffiti hotline of the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD). The organization expects the LAPD to respond within a few days, Hartman said.

While no suspects have been identified, Ruth Judkowitz, chair of the Los Angeles affiliate of Workmens Circle, released a statement on Feb. 6 inviting a dialogue with the vandal(s).

We invite those responsible for the slogan-painting to meet with us to discuss far more effective ways of encouraging progress toward a lasting peace between the Israeli and Palestinian states and their peoples, she said.

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Countergraffiti on already-defaced Workmens Circle wall

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Abbas: Israel must negotiate on Jerusalem’s future

RAMALLAH, West Bank, Jan. 11 (UPI) — Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said Saturday Israel must concede a divided Jerusalem if it wants a peace agreement.

Abbas spoke to a crowd at his headquarters in Ramallah, Palestinian news agency WAFA reported.

“Without Jerusalem there will be no peace between us,” Abbas said. “Without Jerusalem written clearly and in bold, there will not be peace with them.”

The U.N. plan for what had been Britain’s Palestine Mandate called for an international zone in Jerusalem, a city sacred to Christians and Muslims as well as Jews. But the 1948 fighting ended with Israel in control of the western part of the city and Jordan controlling the east.

Israel seized all of Jerusalem and the West Bank in the Six-Day War in 1967. While the Palestinian Authority calls for the capital of an independent Palestine in East Jerusalem, Israeli leaders say the city cannot be divided again.

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Abbas: Israel must negotiate on Jerusalem’s future

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Rebels overrun ISIS headquarters in Aleppo

DAMASCUS/BEIRUT: Syrian rebels overran the Aleppo headquarters of the jihadist Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria (ISIS) Wednesday, as claims had emerged that the group had massacred prisoners there in cold blood.

The setback came a day after its spokesman threatened to crush opposition fighters who have attacked the group in several provinces.

On the ground, ISIS battled moderate and Islamist rebels in clashes that first erupted Friday and have since killed at least 400 people.

Announcing the new toll as of the end of Tuesday, the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitoring group said it included 56 civilians.

ISIS headquarters in a hospital in the Qadi Askar neighborhood of Aleppo was overrun by opposition fighters, who freed several hundred prisoners. But a video posted online Wednesday claimed ISIS had previously executed at least nine prisoners after handcuffing, blindfolding and shooting them in the head.

While recording the images, the cameraman was heard saying: This was done by ISIS. Are the victims apostates? No, theyre Muslims.

On the footage, purportedly shot at the headquarters, another voice was heard: These are the same acts carried out by the shabbiha [pro-regime militia]. They were all shot in the eye or the head.

One Shahba Press activist told AFP dozens of prisoners were freed but dozens of others were executed Monday or Tuesday by ISIS during the assault on their HQ at the hospital.

Observatory director Rami Abdel-Rahman called the killings a war crime. Such acts confirm what we have already said ISIS commits war crimes, crimes against humanity, and does the opposite of its claim that it came here to help the Syrian people.

The people of Syria want to get rid of a dictatorship and embrace democracy, not a new dictatorship in Islamic garb, he said.

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Rebels overrun ISIS headquarters in Aleppo

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Charleston-based Tides Enterprises continues to expand throughout Lowcountry

Quick links to other pages on this site | Still can’t find it? see Site Index Jim Easter, warehouse manager, stacks boxes of beer to be shipped. Cousins Mike Porcaro and Greg Zaccaro have come a long way since setting up a table with a plastic banner on Marion Square seven years ago to peddle homemade bags of pralines and honey-roasted pecans

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Charleston-based Tides Enterprises continues to expand throughout Lowcountry

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International Power Traders Expanding Its Corporate Headquarters

(PRWEB) December 26, 2013 International Power Traders, a global supplier and buyer of power generation equipment and accessories to and from Latin America, announced today it is expanding its headquarters in Doral, Florida. The announcement was made from inside the American Welding Society Global Headquarters where they currently occupy space on the 2nd floor. The move will relocate operations from the 2nd to the 3rd floor and will allow IPT to incorporate new technological capabilities, increase comfort for customer interactions, and meet both current and future growth needs

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International Power Traders Expanding Its Corporate Headquarters

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Gay marriage in Utah: State trying every legal avenue to halt it

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — Utah state lawyers have again turned to a Denver-based federal appeals court in their bid to put a stop to gay couples getting married, saying the state should not be required to abide by one judge’s narrow view of a “new and fundamentally different definition of marriage.”

About 700 gay couples have obtained wedding licenses since U.S. District Judge Robert J. Shelby on Friday declared Utah’s gay marriage ban unconstitutional, but lawyers for the state are trying every legal avenue to halt the practice. Shelby on Monday denied their bid to temporarily stop gay marriage while the appeals process plays out, and they quickly went to the 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

Utah is the 18th state where gay couples can wed or will soon be able to marry, and the sight of same-sex marriages occurring just a few miles from the headquarters of the Mormon church has provoked anger among the state’s top leaders.

“Until the final word has been spoken by this Court or the Supreme Court on the constitutionality of Utah’s marriage laws, Utah should not be required to enforce Judge Shelby’s view of a new and fundamentally different definition of marriage,” the state said in a motion to the appeals court.

It is estimated that nearly two-thirds of Utah’s 2.8 million residents are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and Mormons dominate the state’s legal and political circles. The Mormon church was also one of the leading forces behind California’s short-lived ban on same-sex marriage.

The legal wrangling over the topic will likely continue for months. The 10th Circuit could rule as soon as Tuesday on whether to temporarily halt the weddings, but the same court likely will hear the full appeal of the case several months from now.

People began lining up Sunday night at the Salt Lake County clerk’s office in the hopes of getting licenses amid the uncertainty of the pending ruling by Shelby. Couples then got married once every few minutes in the lobby to the sound of string music from a violin duet.

They anxiously eyed their cellphones for news on Shelby’s decision, and a loud cheer erupted once word spread that he wouldn’t be blocking weddings. “We feel equal!” one man shouted; his partner called it “this magic happening out of the clear blue.”

Adam Blatter said he was in a panic to get married Monday morning before a judge could halt the issuance of licenses. He and his partner, Joseph Chavez, were elated when it became clear their wait was worthwhile, and they were shocked that it was happening in a state long known as one of the most conservative in the country.

“We expected Utah to be the last place we could get married,” Blatter said.

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Gay marriage in Utah: State trying every legal avenue to halt it

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Gay couples marry in Utah after judge overturns ban

Kim Hackford-Peer (L) marries her partner Ruth Hackford-Peer (R) as Ruth holds their son Casey, 7, at the Salt Lake County office building in Salt Lake City, Utah, December 20, 2013. A federal judge struck down Utah’s ban on same-sex marriage as unconstitutional on Friday. JIM URQUHART, REUTERS

SALT LAKE CITY – A federal judge struck down Utah’s same-sex marriage ban Friday in a decision that brings a nationwide shift toward allowing gay marriage to a conservative state where the Mormon church has long been against it.

The decision set off an immediate frenzy as the clerk in the state’s most populous county began issuing marriage licenses to gay couples while state officials took steps to appeal the ruling and halt the process.

Cheers erupted as the mayor of Salt Lake City led one of the state’s first gay wedding ceremonies in an office building about three miles from the headquarters of the Mormon church. Dozens of other couples were lined up to get marriage licenses.

Deputy Salt Lake County Clerk Dahnelle Burton-Lee said the district attorney authorized her office to begin issuing the licenses but she couldn’t immediately say how many had been issued.

Natalie Dicou (L) and her partner Nicole Christensen wait to get married at the Salt Lake County Clerks office in Salt Lake City, Utah, December 20, 2013. A federal judge struck down Utah’s ban on same-sex marriage as unconstitutional.


Shelby said the state failed to show that allowing same-sex marriages would affect opposite-sex marriages in any way.

“In the absence of such evidence, the State’s unsupported fears and speculations are insufficient to justify the State’s refusal to dignify the family relationships of its gay and lesbian citizens,” Shelby wrote.

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Gay couples marry in Utah after judge overturns ban

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McDonald’s refuses to operate in West Bank

JERUSALEM The McDonalds restaurant chain refused to open a branch in a West Bank Jewish settlement, the company said Thursday, adding a prominent name to an international movement to boycott Israels settlements.

Irina Shalmor, spokeswoman for McDonalds Israel, said the owners of a planned mall in the Ariel settlement asked McDonalds to open a branch there about six months ago. Shalmor said the chain refused because the owner of McDonalds Israel has a policy of staying out of the occupied territories. The decision was not coordinated with McDonalds headquarters in the U.S., she said. In an email, the headquarters said our partner in Israel has determined that this particular location is not part of his growth plan.

The Israeli branchs owner and franchisee, Omri Padan, is a founder of the dovish group Peace Now, which opposes all settlements and views them as obstacles to peace. The group said Padan is no longer a member.

The decision by such a well-known multinational company to boycott the West Bank deals settlers an unwelcome blow.

It also adds the name of an important international brand to a movement that has urged businesses to stay out of the West Bank. International companies like Caterpillar, Frances Veolia and others have faced pressure from a global network of pro-Palestinian activists to sever links with the settlements.

The activists have also pushed consumers to shun products made in settlements. Israeli academics and unions have also been boycotted because of Israels settlement policies and European countries are considering stepping up efforts to label settlement-made products sold in Europe.

The Palestinians want the West Bank, along with the Gaza Strip and east Jerusalem, as part of their future state. Israel captured those areas, along with the Golan Heights, in the 1967 Mideast war. The Palestinians and most of the international community consider Israels West Bank settlements illegal or illegitimate.

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McDonald’s refuses to operate in West Bank

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Palestinian president is cheered back home over United Nations acceptance

By The Associated Press

RAMALLAH, West Bank The Palestinian president returned triumphantly to the West Bank on Sunday, receiving a boisterous welcome from thousands of cheering supporters at a rally celebrating his people’s new acceptance to the United Nations.

An Israeli decision to cut off a cash transfer to the financially troubled Palestinian Authority, following an earlier decision to build thousands of new homes in Jewish settlements, failed to put a damper on the celebrations.

But Palestinian officials acknowledged they were undecided on what to do with their newfound status, and were waiting for upcoming Israeli elections and new ideas from President Barack Obama before deciding how to proceed.

Outside the headquarters of President Mahmoud Abbas in the West Bank city of Ramallah, some 5,000 people thronged a square, hoisted Palestinian flags and cheered their leader’s return from New York. Large posters of the Palestinian leader, whose popularity had plummeted in recent months, adorned nearby buildings.

“We now have a state,” Abbas said to wild applause. “The world has said loudly, ‘Yes to the state of Palestine.’”

The United Nations General Assembly last week overwhelmingly endorsed an independent Palestinian state in the West Bank, east Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip, territories Israel captured in the 1967 war.

The move to upgrade the Palestinians to a nonmember observer state does not change much on the ground, but it carries deep potential significance.

The vote amounted to an international endorsement of the Palestinian position on future border arrangements with Israel and an overwhelming condemnation of Israeli settlements in the areas claimed by the Palestinians.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu rejects a return to Israel’s 1967 lines. Israel remains in control in parts of the West Bank and considers east Jerusalem, the Palestinians’ hoped-for capital, an integral part of its capital.

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Palestinian president is cheered back home over United Nations acceptance

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