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Mount Pleasant designing Town Hall's new front door

Quick links to other pages on this site | Still can’t find it? see Site Index MOUNT PLEASANT – The town’s most prominent government building soon will be razed and replaced by what could be one of its most prominent parks. If you go What: Workshop on a new park planned as part of the new Town Hall project

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Mount Pleasant designing Town Hall's new front door

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The extension of the Lisbon Aquarium was a complex challenge. It entailed an intervention in a consolidated and dynamic public space. One of the aims of the project was to create a relationship between the new and existing building, which has a strong presence for the citizens of Lisbon and is currently being recommended for architectural heritage status

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West Bank Bedouins fight road construction – 03 May 09 – Hot Latest News – Video

15-07-2012 21:32 A Bedouin community in the Palestinian West Bank is going to court to try to stop Israel building what it calls a “security road” through their grazing land. Work has already started on the road which runs outside the existing Israeli settlement of Karmel, near Hebron. As Al Jazeera’s Zeina Awad reports, the villagers are determined to halt its progress and protect their livelihoods. – Hot Latest News – Watch more on

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West Bank Bedouins fight road construction – 03 May 09 – Hot Latest News – Video

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States lead way on gay marriage

Gay marriage supporters hope leadership by states and territories will create the momentum to pass federal marriage equality laws.

The Senate debated Australian Greens senator Sarah Hanson-Young’s private member’s bill on marriage equality on Thursday, a day after the ACT assembly approved new laws for legally binding civil union ceremonies.

Tasmania and South Australian Labor premiers have vowed to legislate for same-sex marriage regardless of what federal parliament does.

Senator Sarah Hanson-Young told the chamber: ‘Cupid’s arrow does not discriminate and neither should the law.’

It was time for the federal parliament to play catch-up in light of strong community support for change, she said.

‘What would allowing same-sex couples the same rights as everybody else do to diminish the institution of marriage?

‘Our parliament and our federal legislation should treat people equally.’

Tasmanian Labor senator Anne Urquhart spoke in support of gay marriage, saying it fitted her party’s values of fairness, equality and compassion.

She praised Tasmania’s leadership on the issue and attacked Queensland Liberal premier Campbell Newman’s decision to water down civil union laws so they were like ‘registering a pet or a car’.

Liberal legal affairs spokesman George Brandis said the coalition took a policy to the last election supporting the status quo and the existing definition of marriage and would not change its stance.

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States lead way on gay marriage

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