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Revised gay marriage ban passes Indiana House, 57-40


Indiana House lawmakers have passed an altered proposal that would ban gay marriage in the state constitution, 57-40. The measure now moves to the state Senate.

A bipartisan group of lawmakers narrowly approved altering the proposed constitutional ban Monday evening to remove language that would ban recognition of anything “similar” to marriage for same-sex couples. That so-called “second sentence” of the amendment had become a sticking point for many lawmakers who otherwise support the ban.

What a difference a day and another vote can make.

“We’re certainly discouraged by the vote today,” Peter Hascom with Freedom Indiana said after Tuesday’s vote.

Monday’s celebration after the House decided to remove HJR-3′s second sentence banning civil unions was short-lived following Tuesday’s vote. The revised amendment leaves the door open for civil unions and employee benefits for same-sex couples.

The House approved the amendment after hours of debate.

“This is not, as it stands, something that will end today or tomorrow and that is to vote down the resolution in its present form,” said Rep. Ed Delaney (D-Indianapolis).

“I think we should allow the voters, the public, to have a say in this serious, major changing decision,” said Rep. Bill Friend (R-Macy).

“We have not dismantled this bomb, we have simply placed a longer fuse before it detonates in all of our faces,” said House Minority Leader Scott Pelath.

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Revised gay marriage ban passes Indiana House, 57-40

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