Occupy Fort Lauderdale: First Assembly — October 8, 2011

The first assembly of Occupy Fort Lauderdale was an absolute success! Despite the heavy rains, hundreds of people showed up in present awareness, ready to organize and co-create. Keep going South Florida, now is the time for re-”Evolution”. Excerpt from the Poem: “Let’s Get Back to Business: Evolve or Die” Let’s get back to business Fort Lauderdale! The business of higher consciousness, raised awareness, and a deeper purpose From the ashes of Wall Street’s demise The new seeds of consciousness ARISE Self-Actualized organizations Win-Win situations for all of Society One Earth, One Universe, One Human Spirit Conscious Leadership and Happy Cultures a Higher Purpose ….a Choiceless Awareness ….all Rooted in Love


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Occupy Fort Lauderdale: First Assembly — October 8, 2011

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